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The goal of the Architecture Library is to achieve coverage in all of the basic architectural areas of design, technology, construction, architectural practice, history and theory, as well as the related fields such as housing, interior decoration, environmental design, landscape architecture, computer-aided design, and city planning. One of the major focuses is to develop an in-depth coverage of Chinese and Asian architectural and planning topics.

Subjects Collected
Book/Periodical Collections
Multi-media Materials
Special Collections
Electronic Resources

Book/Periodical Collections

    Library Holdings

    The holdings of Architecture Library as of June 2014 are:
    Books 52,918
    Bound Journals 8,247
    Non-print materials 6,764

    Reference Books

    The reference books are mainly on Architecture and Architectural related subjects.

    For general reference books and references of other classes, please see the Information, Research and Instructional Services of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library.


    The Library houses about 400 titles Periodicals.

    Selected e-journals with full text

    Hong Kong Government Documents

    Only Government Documents related to Building and Architecture are collected.

    Reserve Books

    Materials are put on reserve as requested by teaching staff. Items are circulated for various loan periods as recommended. Electronic reserve is also available. Please see the web site of Reserve Books Service.


    The Library subscribes four Newspaper titles and keeps them for one week only. They are:
    • "Hong Kong Economic Journal"
    • "Hong Kong Economic Times"
    • "Ming Pao"
    • "South China Morning Post"

    Bi-weekly New Additions List (updated on alternate Monday evening)

Multi-media Materials

    CD-ROMs and VCDs are kept in the library. User may ask at the Counter for charging out the materials. 

Special Collections

    Historical Maps

    Working Drawings

    Rare Books

    Some examples are :
    • Wendingen: maandblad voor bouwen en sieren
      Imprint : Amsterdam : MHCHIJ De Hooge Brug, 1918-1931
      A complete set of 12 volumes with original wraps.
    • OGAWA, Kazumasa. Shinkoku Pekin kojo shashin.
      (Photographs of Palace Buildings of Peking)
      Imprint : Tokyo : K.Ogawa, 1906.
      This two volumes set were compiled by the Imperial Museum of Tokyo, collotyped from the negatives taken by K. Ogawa.
      Edition limited to 500 copies.
    • Pekin kojo Kenchiku soshoku.
      (Decoration of Palace Buildings of Peking)
      Imprint : Tokyo : K.Ogawa, 1906.
      A report of College of Engineering, Imperial University of Tokyo.
      Edition limited to 1000 numbered copies.

    Prip-Moller's Archives

    This is a collection of photographs (positives in glass frames) and hand-written notes. Many photographs were re-printed in the book Chinese Buddhist monasteries : their plan and its function as a setting for Buddhist monastic life published in 1937.

    The collection is believed to be the research on Chinese Temples carried out by the Danish architect, Dr. Johannes Prip-Moller (1889-1943). Dr. Prip-Moller studied Chinese temple architecture and incorporated Chinese forms into his designs. His works include the building for Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre in Hong Kong.

    Kwok On Collection

    The collection was donated by the children of Mr. Kwok On who had particular interest in collecting books on Chinese Architecture. A lot of them are out of print and very rare.

Aug 2014

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