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Off-Campus Access to E-Resources

Off-Campus Access to Subscribed E-Resources

The access to Library's subscribed e-resources such as databases or e-journals is restricted to current CUHK students, faculty and staff only.  IP address is commonly adopted to authenticate on-campus use so that the access is seamless without requiring any log-in process.  But off-campus access to these resources requires other means of user authentication.  You may select one of the following means to authenticate yourself:

1. Easy Access

Current CUHK students, faculty and staff, who are off CUHK campus, may use their Student/Staff/Library ID and Library Password to login Easy Access.  Subscribers to Digital Library Service for Alumni (DLSA) and Digital Library Service for CUHK Retirees  have to use their DLSA / DLSR ID and password to login Easy Access.

Easy Access requires no configuration on the user's PC or web browser.  The connection to Easy Access is identified by the prefix "http://easyaccess.lib.cuhk.edu.hk/login?url=" in the URL of the web-based resources.  For example, the existing URL of EBSCO is http://search.epnet.com/, the new Easy Access URL will be http://easyaccess.lib.cuhk.edu.hk/login?url=http://search.epnet.com/

When you click on an Easy Access URL from an off-campus computer, the following log-in page will pop-up.  Please input your Student/Staff/Library ID and Library Password in the space provided.  If both are correct, you will be directed to the selected resource.



Please make sure that your browser is able to accept "cookies".  Cookies will be expired and removed upon closing your browser sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I still use existing VPN or Library Proxy for remote access?
A: Yes, you can use ANY ONE of them.

Q: Do I need to apply an account for Easy Access?
A: No, only your Student/Staff/Library ID and Password is needed for login.

Q: What should I set up or install for Easy Access?
A: No, you have nothing to set up or install on your PC.

Q: Will I be prompted for login if I am using Campus network or using the PCs inside the University Library?
A: No. If you are on CUHK campus and click on the Easy Access URL, you will be directed to the e-resources directly.

Q: Can I use Easy Access for all e-resources?
A: No. Easy Access is for web-based e-resources only.  It does not support free online resources and ULS developed databases.

Q: Why my session was locked?
A: Currently each user can open up to 2 simultaneous sessions for each account.  When this limit is reached, one of the previous sessions will be automatically locked.

Q: What's the "cookie" ?
A: Licensing agreements e-resources require that access be extended only to authorized users. Once you have been validated by this system, a "cookie" is sent to your browser as an ongoing indication of your authorization to access these databases. It will only need to be set once during login.
If you are using a personal firewall, you may need to change its configuration to allow the required cookie to be set. As you access these resources, they may also use cookies. Your ability to use those databases may depend on whether or not the browser you re using allows those cookies to be set.

Q: How to exit Easy Access
A: Close all your Internet browser windows and you will be automatically logged off or else other people can use your session.

If you forget your Library Password, please reset it in this page: https://library.cuhk.edu.hk/pinreset.  You may also contact the Circulation Counter in person, by e-mail: ulcir@lib.cuhk.edu.hk or by phone: 3943-7306 for further enquiries.

2. VPN

3. Library Proxy Server (Will be decommissioned by July 2015)