Strategic Plan: 2016-2020 Consultation Form

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CUHK Library is renewing its strategic plan for 2016-2020, aligning our vision for the Library with CUHK’s 2016-2020 Strategic plan.  Our previous strategy University Library System Strategic Plan: 2013-2016 has guided our successes, highlighted in the CUHK Library Annual Report 2013/14 and CUHK Library Annual Report 2014/15. We are keen to hear from you generally on the Library and in particular on the following five key area, so that the Library can best contribute to CUHK’s development:

  • Education – how can the Library help nurture our students as lifelong learners who will become global leaders?
  • Research – what role can the Library play in supporting cutting-edge research? What tools, platforms and services should we offer?
  • Engagement – what collaborations and partnerships should the Library be building? How can we best support CUHK’s distinctive culture?
  • Resources – what investment is needed to sustain the Library, recruit, retain and develop outstanding Library staff?
  • Infrastructure – what kind physical spaces and IT infrastructure does the Library need to deliver its strategy?

The online consultation has been closed. Thanks very much for your feedback!