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Loti, Pierre, 1850-1923.
L'exilée [electronic resource] / par Pierre Loti [pseud.].
Paris : Calmann Lévy, 1893.
Notes on the history of the Yoshiwara of Yedo [electronic resource].
[Yokohoma : "Japan Gazette" Office, 1895]
Fujimoto, Taizo, 1869-
The story of the geisha girl [electronic resource] / by T. Fujimoto.
Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott Co. ; London : T.W. Laurie, [1917] (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne : Northumberland Press)
Chimnabai II, Maharani of Baroda.
The position of women in Indian life [electronic resource] / by Her Highness the Maharani of Baroda and S.M. Mitra.
London : Longmans, Green & Co., 1911 (Billing and Sons, Ltd.)
Murphy, U. G., 1869-
The social evil in Japan and allied subjects [electronic resource] : with statistics, social evil test cases, and progress of the anti- brothel movement / by U.G. Murphy.
[Tokyo?] : Methodist Pub. House, 1908.
McMurtrie, Douglas C. (Douglas Crawford), 1888-1944.
Prostitution in Japan [electronic resource] / by Douglas C. McMurtrie.
[New York : s.n.], 1913.
Yoshiwara [electronic resource] : die Liebesstadt der Japaner / Tresmin-Trémolières ; autorisierte Übersetzung von Bruno Sklarek.
Berlin : L. Marcus, [1910]
Berry, John C. (John Cutting), 1847-1936.
Statement showing the urgent necessity of establishing a Christian medical school, hospital, and training school for nurses in Japan [electronic resource] / prepared by John C. Berry.
Philadelphia : Allen, Lance and Scott, 1884.
Bacon, Alice Mabel, 1858-1918.
A Japanese interior [electronic resource] / by Alice Mabel Bacon.
Boston ; New York : Houghton, Mifflin & Co. ; Cambridge : Riverside Press, 1894 [c1893] (H.O. Houghton)
Fraser, Hugh, Mrs., 1851-1922.
A diplomatist's wife in Japan [electronic resource] : letters from home to home / by Mrs. Hugh [Mary Crawford] Fraser.
London : Hutchinson & Co., [1898?] (Kingston, Surrey : Chapel River Press)
Ramabai Sarasvati, 1858-1922.
High-caste Hindu widows [electronic resource] : address / by the Pundita Ramabai. Woman in new Japan : report / from the Rev. C.S. Eby. Prohibition in Canada : report / from J. Macdonald Oxley.
Boston : Rand Avery Co., 1887.
Fisher, Gertrude Adams.
A woman alone in the heart of Japan [electronic resource] / by Gertrude Adams Fisher.
Boston : L.C. Page, c1906 (Electrotyped and printed by C.H. Simmonds & Co.)
Houghton, Ross C.
Women of the Orient [electronic resource] : an account of the religious, intellectual, and social condition of women in Japan, China, India, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey / by Ross C. Houghton.
Cincinnati : Hitchcock and Walden, 1877.
Bird, Isabella L. (Isabella Lucy), 1831-1904.
Unbeaten tracks in Japan [electronic resource] : an account of travels on horseback in the interior, including visits to the aborigines of Yezo and the shrines of Nikkô and Isé / by Isabella L. Bird.
New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1881.
Bacon, Alice Mabel, 1858-1918.
Japanese girls and women [electronic resource] / by Alice Mabel Bacon.
Boston ; New York : Houghton Mifflin, c1919 [c1891] (Cambridge : Riverside Press)
Gulick, Sidney Lewis, 1860-1945.
Working women of Japan [electronic resource] / by Sidney L. Gulick.
New York : Missionary Education Movement of the U.S. and Canada, 1915.
Hancock, H. Irving (Harrie Irving), 1868-1922.
Physical training for women by Japanese methods [electronic resource] / by H. Irving Hancock ; illustrated from photographs by A.B. Phelan.
New York ; London : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1904.
Loti, Pierre, 1850-1923.
Carmen Sylva and sketches from the Orient [electronic resource] / by Pierre Loti ; authorized translation by Fred Rothwell.
New York : Macmillan, 1912 (Norwood [Mass.] : Norwood Press)
Baumann, Felix Andreas.
Japaner mädel [electronic resource] / Felix Baumann.
Berlin-Gross-Lichterfelde-Ost : P. Langenscheidt, [1907?]
Tamura, Naoomi, 1858-1935.
The Japanese bride [electronic resource] / by Naomi Tamura.
New York ; London : Harper & Bros., 1900 [c1893]
Stratz, C. H. (Carl Heinrich), 1858-1924.
Die körperformen in kunst und leben der Japaner [electronic resource] / von C.H. Stratz ; mit 112 in den text gedruckten abbildungen und 4 farbigen tafeln.
Stuttgart : F. Enke, 1902 (Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft)
Kaibara, Ekiken, 1630-1714.
Women and wisdom of Japan [electronic resource] / with an introduction by Shingoro Takaishi.
London : J. Murray, 1905 (Hazell, Watson & Viney, Ltd.)
Lawlace, W. M.
The Japanese wedding [electronic resource] : a representation of the wedding ceremony in Japanese high life : arranged as a costume pantomime for public performance at church entertainments, school exhibitions, social gatherings, etc. / by W.M. Lawlace.
New York : H. Roorbach, c1888 (Boston : Rand Avery Co.)
Women's City Relief Association (Boston, Mass.)
Grand Kirmess and opera carnival at Mechanics Building, November 24th to 30th, inclusive, under the auspices of the Women's City Relief Association [electronic resource] : object, the immediate relief of urgent needs, securing work for the unemployed and the improvement of the homes of the working class / introducing the national dances of Spain, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, America, Ireland, Scotland, England, Bohemia and the Orient ; under the personal direction of S. Saville.
[Boston : s.n., 19--?]
Iwasaki, Kojiro.
Das japanische Eherecht [electronic resource] / von Kojiro Iwasaki.
Leipzig : Rossberg'sche Verlagsbuchh, 1904.
Sakamoto, Saburō.
Das Ehescheidungsrecht Japans ... [electronic resource] / vorgelegt von Saburo Sakamoto.
Berlin : [s.n.], 1903.
Noguchi, Yoné, 1875-1947.
The American diary of a Japanese girl [electronic resource] / by Miss Morning Glory [pseud.] ; illustrated in colour and in black-and- white by Genjiro Yeto.
New York : F.A. Stokes, c1902.
Omori, Annie Shepley.
Diaries of court ladies of old Japan [electronic resource] / translated by Annie Shepley Omori and Kochi Doi ; with an introduction by Amy Lowell.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1920 (Cambridge, Mass. : Riverside Press)
Pruyn, Mary.
Grandmamma's letters from Japan [electronic resource] / by Mary Pruyn.
Boston : James H. Earle, 1877, c1876.
Berry, John C. (John Cutting), 1847-1936.
Training school for nurses [electronic resource] : an address delivered before the Kyōto Health Association, September 20th, 1886 / by John C. Berry.
Yokohama : R. Meiklejohn & Co., printers, 1886.
D'Almeida, Anna.
A lady's visit to Manila and Japan [electronic resource] / by Anna D'A.
London : Hurst and Blackett, 1863 (Macdonald and Tugwell)
McCabe, Lida Rose, 1865-1938.
The American girl at college [electronic resource] / by Lida Rose McCabe.
New York : Dodd, Mead, 1893.
Japanese women [electronic resource].
Chicago : Japanese Woman's Commission for the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893 (A.C. McClurg)
Emerson, Ruth.
Japan today [electronic resource] / by Ruth Emerson.
New York : National Board of the Young Womens Christian Associations of the United States of America, 1916.
How the "social evil" is regulated in Japan [electronic resource].
[S.l. : s.n., 1910?]
Madden, Maude Whitmore, 1867-
Women of the Meiji era [electronic resource] / by Maude Whitmore Madden.
New York : F.H. Revell, c1919.
De Becker, J. E. (Joseph Ernest), 1863-1929.
The nightless city, or, The "history of the Yoshiwara Yūkwaku" [electronic resource] / by an English student of sociology [J.E. De Becker].
Yokohama : Z.P. Maruya & Co., 1899.
Starbuck, Roger, 1837- author.
Overboard, or, The double cruise [electronic resource] : a tale of the Japan Sea whaling grounds / by Roger Starbuck, author of "Mad skipper," "Cast away," etc.
New York : Beadle and Company, publishers, [1866]
Hazel, Harry, 1814-1889, author.
Red King, the corsair chieftan [electronic resource] : a romance of the ocean / by Harry Hazel [i.e. Justin Jones], author of "Yankees in Japan," "Yankee Jack," "Three pirates," "Gallant Tom," etc.
New York : H. Long & Brother, [1850]
Hazel, Harry, 1814-1889, author.
The flying artillerist, or, The child of the battlefield [electronic resource] : a tale of Mexican treachery / by Harry Hazel, author of "Gallant Tom, or, The perils of the ocean," "The brigand, or, The mountain chief," "The rebel and rover," "King's cruisers," Yankee Jack, or, the perils of a privateersman," "The three pirates, or, The cruise of the Tornado," "The flying Yankee," "Red king, or, The corsair chiftain," "Sylvia Seabury, or, The Yankees in Japan," "The Flying Dutchman," "The doomed ship," "Jack Junk," "Harry Helm," "Harry Tempest," "Sweeny Todd," "Galloping Gus," "The gold seekers," "Ralph Runnion," "Old Put, or, "Days of Seventy-six," "The Yankee middy," "Valdez, the pirate," "Rebel bride," "Pirate's son," etc.
Philadelphia : T.B. Peterson & Brothers, [between 1860 and 1869?]
Hazel, Harry, 1814-1889, author.
Valdez, the pirate, or, Scenes off Long Island [electronic resource] / by Harry Hazel, author of "Old Put, or The days of 1776," "The brigand, or The mountain chief," "The flying artillerist," "Yankee Jack," "The rebel and the rover," "The three pirates, or The cruise of the tornado," "Gallant Tom," "Red king, or The corsair chieftain," "Sylvia Seabury, or The Yankees in Japan," "The flying dutchman," "The doomed ship," "Jack Junk," 'Harry Helm," "Yankee Middy," "Sweeny Todd," "The gold seekers," "Ralph Runnion," "Galloping Gus," "The king's cruisers," "The rebel bride," "Harry Tempest," "The flying Yankee," "The pirate's son," etc., etc.
Philadelphia : T.B. Peterson & Brothers, [1865]
CT3990.N155 A3 2013
長沢伴雄, 1808-1859, author.
國立臺灣大學圖書館典藏長澤伴雄自筆日記 / 主編龜井森.
臺北市 : 國立臺灣大學圖書館, 2013-
D767.25.H6 H412 1946
Hersey, John, 1914-1993, author.
記原子彈下的廣島 : 全譯本 / John Hersey著 ; 求思譯.
上海 : 合羣出版社, 民國35 [1946]
DS777.53 .N43 2016
Ness, Leland S., author.
Kangzhan : guide to Chinese ground forces 1937-45 / Leland Ness with Bin Shih.
Solihull, West Midlands, England : Helion & Company, 2016.
DS777.532 .X53 2016
夏玉清, author.
为了忘却的爱国者 : 南洋华侨机工研究 / 夏玉清著.
广州 : 暨南大学出版社, 2016.
DS777.5435 .E53 1984
遠藤誉, 1941-
卡子 : 出口なき大地 :1948年満州の夜と霧 / 遠藤誉.
東京 : 読売新聞社, 昭和 59 [1984]
DS821 .X528 1924b
日本民族性研究 / 謝晉青著.
上海 : 商務印書館, 民國13 [1924]
DS838.7 .Y366 2016
楊孟哲, 1958- author.
大侵略時代 : 日帝太陽旗下脫亞之役一八九四--一九四五年 / 楊孟哲著.
台北市 : 五南圖書出版股份有限公司, 2016.
DS849.G7 I7512 1938
石丸藤太, 1881-1942, author.
日英必戰論 / 石丸籐太原著 ; G.V. Rayment英譯 ; 周新節譯.
上海 : 新興書店, 民國27 [1938]
DS888.5 .K66 1938
近衛內閣論 / 孔志澄著.
長沙 : 商務印書館, 民國27 [1938]
DS894.59.N362 W4512 2016
Wilson, William Scott, 1944- author.
漫步木曾路 : 尋訪江戶歷史街道, 古代日本的現代探索 / 威廉・史考特・威爾森著 ; 陳正芬譯 = Walking the Kiso Road / William Scott Wilson.
新北市 : 遠足文化事業股份有限公司, 2016.
GR340 .R36 2016
Reider, Noriko T., author.
Seven demon stories from medieval Japan / Noriko T. Reider.
Logan : Utah State University Press, [2016]
HE3355 .C4416 2015
Cheung, Yuk Man, author.
鉄道への夢が日本人を作った : 資本主義・民主主義・ナショナリズム / 張彧暋 (チョー・イクマン Cheung Yuk Man) 著 ; 山岡由美訳.
東京都中央区 : 朝日新聞出版, 2015.
HM477.J3 Y6812 2017
吉見俊哉, 1957- author.
後戰後社會 / 吉見俊哉著 ; 李振聲譯.
香港 : 香港中和出版有限公司, 2017.
HN723.5 .Z44 2014
周颂伦, 1952-
战后日本转型真相 : 对36个问题的思考 = The Postwar Transformation of Japan / 周颂伦, 孙志鹏编著.
北京 : 新华出版社, 2014.
HN730.Z9 I563 2010
福嶋亮大, 1981-
神話が考える : ネットワーク社会の文化論 / 福嶋亮大.
東京 : 青土社, 2010.
JS7365.G836 S44 2015
沈成飞, 1978- author.
抗战时期的广东保甲制度 = Kangzhan shiqi de Guangdong baojia zhidu / 沈成飞著.
北京市 : 人民出版社, 2015.
KNX858 .K44 2014
契約と紛争の比較史料学 : 中近世における社会秩序と文書 / 臼井佐知子 [and four others] 編.
東京 : 吉川弘文館, 2014.
N7352 .K326 2017
春日大社 : 千年の至宝 : 特別展 = Eternal treasures from Kasugataisha shrine / 東京国立博物館, 春日大社, NHK, NHKプロモーション, 読売新聞社編.
[Tokyo] : NHK, 2017.
ND1059.M42 A4 2016
円山応挙, 1733-1795.
円山応挙 : 写生を超えて : 開館75周年記念特別展 / 編集根津美術館学芸部.
東京 : 根津美術館, 2016.
NK4399.I4 K63 2017
古伊万里図鑑 : 山本コレクション総目録 / 編集根津美術館学芸部 = Ko-Imari : a catalogue of Hizen porcelain from the Nezu Museum's Yamamoto collection / edited by Curatorial Division, Nezu Museum.
東京 : 根津美術館, 2017.
PL537 .R53 2016
日本妖怪100抄 / 作者戶田一康 ; 主編鄭雁聿.
臺北市 : 日月文化, 2016.
PL539 .S26 2016
斎藤仁志, 1973- author.
シャドーイング日本語を話そう!. 就職・アルバイト・進学面接編 = Shadowing let's speak Japanese!. the employment interview, the part-time job interview, university and technical school admissions interviews = 일본어로 말하자! / 斎藤仁志 [and four others]著.
東京 : くろしお出版, 2016.
PL539.5.C5 J573 1937
現代日語 / 蔣韞著.
上海 : 生活書店, 民國26年[1937]
PL716 .F855 2013
福嶋亮大, 1981- author.
復興文化論 : 日本的創造の系譜 / 福嶋亮大.
東京 : 青土社, 2013.
PL726.6 .F82 2016
福嶋亮大, 1981- author.
厄介な遺産 : 日本近代文学と演劇的想像力 / 福嶋亮大.
東京 : 青土社, 2016.
PL847.I45 H9412 2015
陳蕙貞, 1932-2005, author.
漂浪的小羊 / 陳蕙貞著 ; 王敬翔譯.
臺北市 : 國立臺灣大學出版中心, 2015.
PL856.U673 Z726 2016
刘研, 1970-
日本"后战后"时期的精神史寓言 : 村上春树论 / 刘研著.
北京 : 商務印書館, 2016.
PL857.A54 S68 2015
行方克巳, 1944-
素数 : 句集 / 行方克巳.
東京 : 角川文化振興財団, 2015.
PL857.O566 C56 2015
能美昌二郎, 1938-
長州砲 : 句集 / 能美昌二郎.
東京 : 角川文化振興財団, 2015.
PL858.Y35 B35 2015
大山雅由, 1947-
獏枕 : 句集 / 大山雅由.
東京 : 角川文化振興財団, 2015.
PL863.C55 K383
内野修, 1943-
風あり : 句集 / 内野修.
東京 : 角川文化振興財団, 2016.
PL865.O74 Y88 2015
吉次薰, 1944-
柚子湯 : 句集 / 吉次薰.
東京 : 角川文化振興財団, 2015.
PL867.5.N46 A612512 2016
安藤桃子, 1982- author.
0.5毫米 / 著者安藤桃子 ; 譯者詹慕如.
新北市 : 臺灣商務印書館股份有限公司, 2016.
PL874.K43 K64212 2014
岡崎琢磨, 1986-
咖啡館推理事件簿. 2, 夢見咖啡歐蕾的女孩 = 珈琲店タレーランの事件簿. 2, 彼女はカフェオレの夢を見る / 岡崎琢磨著 ; 林玟伶譯.
台北市 : 麥田出版, 2014.
UA837 .B3257 2015
八路军口述史 / 张军锋主编 ; 王海平策划.
南京市 : 江苏人民出版社, 2015.
UB271.J3 M45 2010
梅桑榆, 1951-
刀光谍影 : 日本浪人对华谍报活动揭秘 / 梅桑榆著.
北京 : 人民出版社, 2010.
VA653 .X58 2016
日本海洋战略研究 = Japan marine strategy research / 修斌著.
北京 : 中国社会科学出版社, 2016.
Z997.N155 G862 2013
國立臺灣大學圖書館典藏「長澤文庫」解題目錄 = Annotative catalog of the Nagasawa collection of National Taiwan University Library / 主編高橋昌彥.
臺北市 : 國立臺灣大學圖書館, 2013.

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