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BH62.H6 K86 2013
Kung, Eton, author.
Engaging students in aesthetic experience through arts education in schools of Hong Kong [microform] : a critical discourse study on the continuity and changes from 1948 to 2012 / Kung, Eton.
BL1812.R57 X54 2015
謝健, author.
地方儀式與儀式劇 [microform] : 以廣西岑溪地區南渡鎮為例 = Local ritual and ritual drama : the case of Nandu Town, Cenxi, Guangxi / 謝健.
BL1940.4 .Z448 2013
祝逸雯, author.
宋元時期道教鍊度文獻研究 [microform] = Study on the Daoist texts of sublimation ritual in Song-Yuan period / 祝逸雯.
BQ5899.C54 Z53 2015
張佳, author.
上海紳商居士的宗教生活與佛教現代化轉型 [microform] : 以王一亭(1867-1938)為個案 = Religious lives of Shanghai's lay buddhist business elites and the modernization of Chinese buddhism : a case study of Wang Yiting (1867-1938) / 張佳.
BS2575.2 .L55 2013
林志堅, author.
勝過死亡 [microform] : 《馬太福音》的門徒觀 = Triumph over death : the discipleship in Matthew's Gospel / 林志堅.
BS2595.6.W37 Y25 2013
楊硯, author.
《路加福音》對富人的警告與勸導 [microform] : 讓基督教群體存活於羅馬帝國 = Warning of and exhortation to the rich in the Gospel of Luke : facilitating the survival of the Christian community in Roman empire / 楊硯.
BV1060.C6 H85 2013
黃春艷, author.
廣州基督教青年會歷史研究(1904-1922) [microform] = Study of Guangzhou YMCA (1904-1922) / 黃春艷.
HA29 .C44 2013
Cheung, Yu Hin Ray, author.
On the analysis of multiple informant data [microform] : a Monte Carlo comparison / Cheung, Yu Hin Ray.
HB2114.A3 L5838 2013
Liu, Ye, active 2013, author.
Skilled internal migration in China [microform] : patterns, processes and determinants / Liu, Ye.
HC430.I5 L545 2013
Li, Pangyi, author.
Three essays on income and consumption in China [microform] / Li, Pangyi.
HD53 .L558 2013
Lin, Bilian, author.
Creative deviance [microform] : its antecedents and outcomes in the workplace = 创新中的抗令行为 : 其在工作环境中的原因和结果 / Lin, Bilian.
HD87 .L528 2013
Li, Yun, Ph. D., author.
Cross-boundary governing network in the Hong Kong-Pearl River Delta region [microform] : case study on the development of adjoining areas between Hong Kong and Shenzhen / Li, Yun.
HD6200.Z6 Y25 2013
李楠, author.
流動中的邊界 [microform] : 朝鮮族跨國移工婦女的性別角色與認同 = Floating boundaries : gender roles and identities of Chaoxianzu transnational women migrant workers / 李楠.
HD8039.L82 C645 2013
姚穎嘉, author.
香港碼頭苦力與殖民地政府對華人社區的管治(1841-1945年) [microform] = Hong Kong stevedores and colonial governance on the Chinese population (1841-1945) / 姚穎嘉.
HD9526.C62 D83 2013
段海燕, author.
矿业资源与中国地方治理 [microform] = Mineral resources and local governance : the case of China / 段海燕.
HM743.F33 Z43 2013
Zhang, Yin, Ph. D., author.
Rethinking the Impact of social networking service (SNS) from network perspective [microform] : social capital, uses and gratifications, passion, and social well-being / Zhang, Yin.
HM881 .L53 2013
Li, Hang, Ph. D., author.
Contentious politics in two villages [microform] : comparative analysis of anti-high-speed-rail campaigns in Hong Kong and Taiwan = 鄉村的抗爭政治 : 香港與台灣反高鐵運動的比較研究 / Li, Hang.
HN752.5 .L358 2013
Lam, Yee Man, author.
Risk, modernity and the discursive construction of pollution in 1970s and 1980s Hong Kong [microform] / Lam, Yee Man.
HQ766.5.H6 .C546 2013
Cho, Man Kit, author.
Mapping the sexual landscape [microform] : a study of the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (1950s - 1980s) = 勘察性地景 : 香港家庭計劃指導會之研究(1950s - 1980s) / Cho, Man Kit.
HQ1767 .Z343 2013
張佳羽, author.
一孩家庭結構與性別平等意識 [microform] = One child family structure and gender equality attitudes / 張佳羽.
HV2901 .W45 2012
溫崇超, author.
比較香港有聽覺障礙學生與一般學生的口語詞彙知識與讀寫能力 [microform] = Comparison of the performance of Hong Kong hearing impaired students and typically developing students on oral vocabulary knowledge and literacy achievement / 溫崇超.
LC988.H6 T46 2013
Thong, Yan Yee, author.
Narrating the role identity of liberal-studies teachers in Hong Kong [microform] / Thong, Yan Yee.
ML410.L963 W66 2013
Wong, Hoi Yan, Ph. D., author.
Luo Zhongrong's twelve-note music (1979-2000) [microform] : the evolution of compositional techniques = 羅忠鎔的十二音音樂(1979-2000) : 作曲技巧的發展 / Wong, Hoi Yan.
ML3534.6.C45 M533 2013
張武宜, author.
學習"玩" [microform] : 迷笛音樂節個案研究 = Learning to 'play' : a case study of Midi Music Festival / 張武宜.
NA1545 .L38 2013
Lau, Leung Kwok Prudence, author.
Adaptive modern and speculative urbanism [microform] : the architecture of the crédit foncier d'Extrême-Orient (C.F.E.O.) in Hong Kong and China's treaty ports, 1907-1959 / Lau, Leung Kwok Prudence.
NK3634.A2 L36 2013
Lam, Hiu Man, author.
Characterization of human writing for robot emulation of human calligraphy writing techniques [microform] / Lam, Hiu Man.
P326 .D83 2013
Du, Juanjuan, author.
The use of lexical bundles by Chinese EFL English-major undergraduates at different university levels [microform] : a corpus-based study of L2 learners' examination essays / Du, Juanjuan.
P326 .H83 2013
Huang, Zeping, author.
The core and periphery of lexical bundles in modern English dialogues [microform] : a comparative study of English varieties / Huang, Zeping.
PE1068.C4 H83 2013
Hu, Jingjing, Ph. D., author.
Case studies of teachers' pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) for teaching EFL reading [microform] / Hu, Jingjing.
PE1135 .W663 2013
Wong, Wing Sze, author.
Training the perception and production of English vowels /I/-/i:/, /e/-/æ/ and //-/u:/ by Cantonese ESL learners in Hong Kong [microform] / Wong, Wing Sze.
PE1404 .K655 2013
Kong, Ying Yuk, author.
Peer review [microform] : exploring training and socio-cultural influences on activity theory / Kong, Ying Yuk.
PL1219 .Y25 2013
楊建芬, author.
現代漢語方言中次濁聲母字聲調研究 [microform] = Study of the tones of words with cizhuo initials in modern Chinese dialects / 楊建芬.
PL2262.2 .X88 2015
徐霞, author.
中國現代文學及文化中的比亞茲萊 [microform] = Aubrey Beardsley in modern Chinese literature and culture / 徐霞.
PL2801.N2 Z75675 2013
李凱琳, author.
論茅盾翻譯、評論和小說中的婦女解放論述(1919 -1930) [microform] = Study of Mao Dun's women's liberation discourse in translation, criticism and fiction (1927-1930) / 李凱琳.
PN5367.R5 C45 2013
程晓萱, author.
社會網絡與新聞生產 [microform] : 台灣駐大陸記者研究 = Social networks and news production : a study of Taiwan correspondents in mainland China / 程晓萱.
PR2979.C5 .L48 2013
Li, Jun, author.
Popular Shakespeare in China [microform] : 1993 -2008 = "大眾"莎士比亞在中國(1993-2008) / Li, Jun.
QA76.76.C65 Z43 2013
Zhang, Qirun, author.
Scaling CFL-reachability-based alias analysis [microform] : theory and practice = 擴展基於CFL- Reachability的別名分析 / Zhang, Qirun.
QA76.87 .H795 2013
Hu, Jin, Ph. D., author.
Dynamical analysis of complex-valued recurrent neural networks with time-delays [microform] / Hu, Jin.
QA76.9.V5 L44 2013
Lee, Kai Ki, author.
Robust and accurate real-time pose estimation for virtual reality applications [microform] = 虛擬現實應用中稳健準確的實時位姿估算 / Lee, Kai Ki.
QA135.6 .Z65 2013
鍾潔雲, author.
數學創造力教學之成效 [microform] = Effectiveness of teaching of mathematical creativity / 鍾潔雲.
QA649 .C43 2013
Chan, Kai Leung, author.
A-infinity structures from Witten deformation [microform] / Chan, Kai Leung.
QC585.7.D5 C43 2013
Chau, Long Ho, author.
Induced kinetics of cells and its applications in an opto-electrokinetics chip [microform] = 細胞在光電動晶片內的自發運動及其應用 / Chau, Long Ho.
QC793.5.M42 T36 2013
Tam, Yiu Ho, author.
Study of cosmic-ray muons and muons induced neutrons [microform] / Tam, Yiu Ho = 宇宙射線渺子及其引致中子的研究 / 譚耀豪.
QD181.S4 L53 2013
Liao, Zhenwu, author.
High resolution laser spectroscopy of diatomic scandium-containing molecules [microform] / Liao, Zhenwu.
QD431 .W36 2013
Wang, Jianpeng, author.
Study of the peptide-peptide & peptide-protein interactions and their application in cell imaging and nano particle surface modification [microform] / Wang, Jianpeng.
QH434 .L53 2013
Li, Lei, Ph. D., author.
Database construction and computational analysis of bacterial small regulatory RNAs [microform] / Li, Lei.
QH601 .Y83 2013
Yu, Chi Shing, author.
Revisiting co-evolution theory of the genetic code from a whole-genome perspective [microform] / Yu, Chi Shing.
QL638.C94 S55 2013
Shi, Yujian, author.
Circadian rhythm is required for embryonic development in zebrafish [microform] / Shi, Yujian.
QP519.9.M3 Y48 2013
Yeung, Hoi Sze, author.
Development of atmospheric pressure ionization techniques for mass spectrometry of biomolecules [microform] / Yeung, Hoi Sze.
QP535.S5 L58 2013
Liu, Yanan, author.
Induction of apoptosis in selected human cancer cells by organoselenium compounds, ruthenium compounds and selenium containing ruthenium complexes [microform] / Liu, Yanan.
QT36 .Y36 2013
Yang, Kar Lai Alice, author.
Use of nanoparticles and tunable resistive pulse sensing technology for biosensing and nanoflowers for transfection [microform] / Yang, Kar Lai Alice.
QU95 .Y368 2013
Yang, Yaling, Ph. D., author.
Effects of nicotinic acid with laropiprant in Chinese patients with dyslipidaemia [microform] : phenotypic and genotypic determinants / Yang, Yaling.
QU136 .X53 2013
Xiao, Zhangang, author.
JMJD3 acts as a tumor suppressor by disrupting cytoskeleton in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells [microform] / Xiao, Zhangang.
SB191.M2 Z43 2013
Zhang, Yafeng, author.
The requirement of WHIRLY1 for embryogenesis is dependent on genetic background in maize [microform] = 玉米胚胎發育是否需要WHIRLY1蛋白均定於其所在的遺傳背景 / Zhang, Yafeng.
T55.2 .J63 2013
蒋璐, author.
官僚与制度演化 [microform] : 中国职业安全保护制度改革的案例研究 = Bureaucracy and institutional evolution : a case study on occupational safety protection regime transformation in China / 蒋璐.
TA710.4.H6 L53 2013
Li, Lu, active 2013, author.
Evaluation of performance of man-made slopes in Hong Kong [microform] / Li, Lu.
TA1634 .H85 2013
Hui, Ka Yu, author.
Synthesis of view invariance for high-level object features [microform] / Hui, Ka Yu.
TA1637.5 .D56 2013
Ding, Ning, Ph. D., author.
Finite element method based image understanding [microform] : shape and motion / Ning Ding.
TA1650 .Z465 2013
Zhou, Shengli, Ph. D., author.
3D human gesture tracking and recognition by MEMS inertial sensor and vision sensor fusion [microform] = 基於MEMS慣性傳感器和視覺傳感器的三維姿勢追蹤和識別系統 / Zhou, Shengli.
TD187.5.C5 P45 2013
彭銘剛, author.
間斷均衡與中國市級污染治理的邏輯 [microform] = Punctuated equilibrium and the logic of pollution governance in China : a prefectural-level analysis / 彭銘剛.
TD885.5.C3 F46 2013
Feng, Xiaofei, author.
Urban decentralization and carbon emissions from commuting in China [microform] : the case of Beijing / Feng, Xiaofei.
TK5105.8867 .C44 2013
Chen, Liang, active 2009, author.
User behavior and resource allocation in online video services [microform] / Chen, Liang.
TK5105.88813 .Z43 2013
Zhang, Yilei, Ph. D., author.
Modeling and exploiting QoS prediction in cloud and service computing [microform] = 云計算和服務計算的質量預測建模和應用 / Zhang, Yilei.
TK7874.75 .H43 2013
He, Xu, Ph. D., author.
On the routability-driven placement [microform] / He, Xu.
TK7874.893 .J53 2013
Jiang, Li, Ph. D., author.
Yield and reliability enhancement for 3D-stacked ICs [microform] / Jiang, Li.
TL410 .C44 2013
Cheung, Wai Ming Edwin, author.
Continuous variable transmission and regenerative braking devices in bicycles utilizing magnetorheological fluids [microform] / Cheung, Wai Ming Edwin.
TS157.5 .Z43 2013
Zhang, Lianmin, author.
Scheduling under uncertainties [microform] : on-line algorithms, cooperative games, and manufacturing outsourcing / Zhang, Lianmin.
TS171.4 .K86 2013
Kwok, Tsz Ho, author.
Cross-parameterization and its applications in customized design [microform] / Kwok, Tsz Ho.
WA540.JC6 L86 2013
Luo, Weixiang, author.
Social inequality of health in China [microform] = 中国的健康不平等 / Luo, Weixiang.
WD210 .K66 2013
Kong, Pik Shan, author.
Obesity in adolescents [microform] : more than sloth and gluttony / Kong, Pik Shan.
WD300 .W358 2013
Wang, Shuxin, Ph. D., author.
The relationship between allergic diseases and vitamin D pathway genes and serum vitamin D levels in Chinese children [microform] = 過敏性疾病與維生素D路徑的基因及血清維生素D水平之間的關係 / Wang, Shuxin.
WD308 .C475 2013
Cheng, Baohui, author.
Investigation of the anti-HIV effects and underlying mechanisms of Chinese medicines [microform] / Cheng, Baohui.
WG168 .Z48 2013
Zhu, Fang, Ph. D., author.
Fast track perioperative care for adults undergoing elective cardiac surgery [microform] / Zhu, Fang.
WG500 .L578 2013
Liu, Jian, Ph. D., author.
Up-regulation of heme oxygenase 1 and downstream bilirubin-mediated signaling cascade protect endothelial function in diabetes and obesity [microform] = 糖尿病和肥胖中上调血红素氧化酶及其下游胆红素介导的信号通路保护血管 功能的研究 / Liu, Jian.
WI700 .C445 2013
Cheng, Suosuo, author.
The role of calcitriol in regulation of hepatic lipid and glucose metabolism with insulin resistance [microform] / Cheng, Suosuo.
WK270 .F36 2013
Fan, Dahua, author.
Expression patterns of estrogen receptor isoforms in thyroid cancer and the role of estrogen receptor alpha in autophagy of thyroid cancer cells [microform] / Fan, Dahua.
WM172 .Z43 2013
Zhang, Dexing, author.
Feasibility and effectiveness of stepped care programme for depression and anxiety [microform] = 階梯式治預防焦慮癥和抑鬱癥的效果和可性的研究 / Zhang, Dexing.
WP322 .C46 2013
Choi, Pui Wah, author.
The roles of microRNA-200 family in ovarian cancer development [microform] / Choi, Pui Wah.
WQ248 .L485 2013
Leung, Siu Lun, author.
The effect of maternal diabetes on development of male and female mouse embryos [microform] / Leung, Siu Lun.
WQ430 .K43 2013
Khaw, Kim Sun, author.
Supplementary oxygen for Caesarean section [microform] / Khaw, Kim Sun.
WW220 .T46 2013
Teng, Yufei, author.
MicroRNAs expression and regulation in human corneal epithelium and pterygium [microform] = MicroRNA在人角膜上皮及翼状胬肉的表达和调节作用 / Teng, Yufei.
WW270 .Y463 2013
Yang, Yaping, Ph. D., author.
Catechins against sodium iodate-induced retinal degeneration [microform] / Yang, Yaping.
WW290 .M358 2013
Man, Xiaofei, author.
Correlation between clinic-measured intraocular pressure (IOP) and disease progression in primary angle closure glaucoma (PACG) [microform] / Man, Xiaofei.
Z669.8 .F83 2013
Fu, Zhengjia, author.
The academic social network and research ranking system [microform] / Fu, Zhengjia.

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