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Current developments in biotechnology and bioengineering [electronic resource] : crop modification, nutrition, and food production / edited by Surech Kumar Dubey, Ashok Pandey, Rajender Singh Sangwan.
Amsterdam : Elsevier Science, 2016.
Sustainable protein sources [electronic resource] / edited by Sudarshan R. Nadathur, Janitha P.D. Wanasundara, Laurie Scanlin.
London, United Kingdom : Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier, [2016].
S676 .Z55 1939
中等農具學 / 編者顏綸澤 ; 校者執費陸.
上海 : 中華書局, 民國28 [1939]
SB112.5 .S83 2016eb
Sudhakar, P. (Senior scientist), author.
Phenotyping crop plants for physiological and biochemical traits [electronic resource] / P. Sudhakar, P. Latha, P.V. Reddy.
London : Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, [2016]
SB298 .J53 1936
油類作物全書 / 江少懷編述.
上海 : 中國農業書局, 民國25 [1936]
SB457.55 .L576 2015
刘彤彤, author.
中国古典园林的儒学基因 / 刘彤彤著.
天津市 : 天津大学出版社, 2015.
SB469 .L323
Landscape architecture competition annual.
Seoul : Archiworld, 2008-
Microbial control of insect and mite pests [electronic resource] : from theory to practice / edited by Lawrence A. Lacey.
London, United Kingdom : Academic Press, 2016.
Mobilisation of forest bioenergy in the boreal and temperate biomes [electronic resource] : challenges, opportunities and case studies / Evelyne Thiffault, Göran Berndes, Martin Junginger, Jack N. Saddler, C.T. Smith.
London, UK : Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier, [2016]
SF492 .S48 1933
實用養雞法 / 江蝶廬編.
上海 : 上海新民書局, 民國22 [1933]
Fenner's veterinary virology [electronic resource] / edited by N. James MacLachlan, Edward J. Dubovi.
London, United Kingdom : Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier, [2016].
SH155.5 .C43 2017eb
Chattopadhyay, Nihar Ranjan, author.
Induced fish breeding [electronic resource] : a practical guide for hatcheries / Nihar Ranjan Chattopadhyay.
London : Elsevier : Academic Press, [2017]

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