SciVal: Enhance your Research Strategy & Track Impact

Date & Time
3 pm - 4:30 pm
SciVal is a research intelligence platform that offers insights and analytics to assess research performance, track trends, identify collaborators, and make informed strategic decisions. It provides valuable data and customizable metrics to enhance research strategies and track impact.


Date: 30 Apr 2024 (Tue)
Time: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Venue: Online via Zoom
Speaker: Liu, Xiaoqian M.D., Ph.D. Senior Customer Success Manager, Elsevier


Topics covered:
  • What’s SciVal?
  • Main metrics in SciVal such as journal impact metrics, Field-Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI), research topics, etc.
  • Basic functions of modules: Overview, Benchmarking, Collaboration, Impact
  • Demo with Scenarios
           a. Research impact of a researcher/ research groups
           b. Compare institutions using University Rankings Metrics
           c. Identify potential partners with SciVal in specific subject areas
           d. Uncover and highlight the societal, political and technological impact using the Impact module
           e. Create uniquely tailored analytic reports using SciVal


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