Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

As a leading research library, CUHK Library partners in the creation, access, dissemination and preservation of knowledge to inspire and support The Chinese University of Hong Kong in its research, learning and teaching. CUHK Library comprises seven libraries:


  • University Library founded 1965
  • New Asia College Library founded 1949
  • Chung Chi College Library founded 1951
  • United College Library founded 1956
  • Medical Library founded 1980 at the local teaching hospital
  • Architecture Library founded 1994
  • Law Library founded 2004


Professional Staff (FTE) 32
Support Staff (FTE)  180


Collections Statistics from Fiscal Year 2018-19

Holdings (volumes) 2,763,644
Periodicals (titles) 3,690
Electronic Journals 156,273
Electronic Books 4,820,407
Electronic Databases 918


Library Users (2018-19)

Visits to the Libraries 2,302,866
Registered Library Users 62,728


Library Usage (2018-19)

Database usage* 9,061,881
E-Book usage* 3,294,292
E-Journal usage* 5,375,828
E-A/V usage* 4,155
Print Book and AV loans  630,995
Loans to CUHK users from other JULAC libraries 19,317
CUHK Library loans supplied to other JULAC users 18,978

* COUNTER compliant usage only. COUNTER is the international standard for counting online usage of electronic resources



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