A Bibliography of Chinese Semi Rare Books in the CUHK Libraries

Compiled by CUHK Library, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University Press, 2004


Subsequent to the publication of An Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Rare Books in the CUHK Libraries by the Library, which included all its Chinese rare books published or printed before 1795, this new publication A Bibliography of Chinese Semi Rare Books in the CUHK Libraries contains 4.070 titles published or printed between 1796-1911. Like its predecessors, the books are classified by the traditional Chinese classification system: “Jing”, “Shi”, “Zi”, “Ji” and “Cong”. Detailed annotations and a comparison of different editions have been provided for the more valuable titles.

The more remarkable ones include a manuscript of Si shu jiang yi by Zhu Jiujiang (from the reign of Qing Emperor Tongzhi), Jin shi zhuan li hui cui by Ye Yingquan (1883), Qianshan Xu Shi zong pu by Xu lun tang (1884), and other titles with postscripts and annotations by reputable personalities. A number of Chinese classics printed in Guangdong are also included. These titles, though not rare, sketch out a picture of the prosperous book-printing industry in Guangdong in the wake of the book reading and printing campaign spearheaded by the then governors of Guangdong and Guangxi during the mid-Qing Dynasty. Some invaluable early publications on the culture of Hong Kong are also worthy of mention.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has always treasured Chinese traditional culture. It is incumbent upon the Library to collect, conserve and preserve valuable rare books from all sources. The publication of these bibliographies serves to provide a comprehensive annotated inventory of the Chinese rare and semi rare books in the proud possession of the Library, to the ultimate benefit of scholars everywhere.          

Library call number: Z1029 .C483 2004