From the Treasure House: Jewels from the Library of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Edited by Chau Y. W.

The Chinese University Press, 2014


The CUHK Library believes it is best to make its valuable collections known and accessible to as many people as possible. On the occasion of the University’s fiftieth anniversary in 2013, the Library organized an exhibition and compiled this commemorative volume From the Treasure House: Jewels form the Library of The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a view to promoting scholarship and sharing with the public the treasures which the Library has collected over the past fifty years. This special volume features 120 selected titles and rare items from the Library's collections spanning over 3,500 years of time. Among these treasures are oracle bones from the Shang dynasty (ca. 1675-1026 BC), rare books published in or after the thirteenth century, twentieth-century publications, calligraphy and paintings, manuscripts and letters of renowned scholars of the Qing and modern eras. The Chinese books selected cover all genres from the classics, history and philosophy to literature, bearing testimony to the history of Chinese book printing with specimens from woodblock prints to movable-type printing and products of modern printing technology. Some of these were penned by Hong Kong and Guangdong writers. Notable titles included the Yuan dynasty edition Yi benyi fulu zuanshu (Original meaning of the Book of Changes with commentaries) and Tripitaka Koreana, the earliest extant Chinese version of Tripitaka in Korea. The Western-language books collected include a rare fifteenth-century incunabulum which marks the historical transition from handwritten manuscript to printed books, the Avrelii Cornelii Celsi Medicinae Liber, Primvs Incipit written by Celsus. Other titles, published in Latin, French and English, range from Greco-Roman writings on medicine and architecture to nineteenth-century travel accounts by missionaries and Sinologists to Asia, particularly China and Hong Kong.

Library call number: Z955.H65 C455 2014