Good Reads Book Talk: A Journey to Ancient Roman Virtual Realities

10/06/2021 to 23/06/2021

Date: 22 June 2021
Time: 3:30 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.
Venue: Online via Zoom
Guest Speaker: Prof. Tatjana Crossley, CUHK School of Architecture
Language: English

All CUHK staff and students are welcome!

About the Talk

Professor Crossley will take us to ancient cities of the Roman empire to discover their rich cultural history through the frescos (mural/wall paintings) and architecture of the Villa Livia and Villa of Mysteries. Join us on this virtual journey to ancient Rome to see spaces that constituted as virtual realities and memory palaces for their inhabitants. The talk will draw upon important literature about Roman fresco painting, specifically taking reference from the book “The Frame in Classical Art" by Verity Plat and Michael Squire!

About the Book “The Frame in Classical Art”

Exploring the limits of visual representation in ancient Greece and Rome cultural art history by analyzing the literal frames and metaphorical frameworks that surrounded images in classical antiquity. This book not only argues for the integral role of framing within Graeco-Roman art, but also explores the relationship between the frames of classical antiquity and those of more modern art and aesthetics. Chapters examine framing devices across multiple media (including vase and fresco painting, relief and free-standing sculpture, mosaics, manuscripts and inscriptions). The result is a new cultural history of framing - one that probes the sophisticated and playful ways in which frames could support, delimit, shape and even interrogate the images contained within.

Check out the book here.

About Prof. Crossley

Tatjana Crossley’s research focuses on the sensorial, manifested through architecture and design, and the psychology of immersive spaces and virtual realities- examining how subjects perceive space, themselves within it and the ‘other.’ She is co-founder of architectural and research practice ArchiTAG. The practice tackles issues of the experience of space, architecture’s impact and influence in the development of subjectivity, and the production of space that challenges societal histories of discrimination. She and her partner at ArchiTAG explore technological aspects of design in order to propose new modes of perceiving and fabricating our environments.

Good Reads Book Talk: A Journey to Ancient Roman Virtual Realities