CUHK Library Strategy 2016-2020

CUHK Library Strategy 2016-2020


CUHK Library is renewing its strategy for 2016-2020, aligning our vision for the Library with CUHK Strategic Plan 2016-2020.  Our previous strategy University Library System Strategic Plan: 2013-2016 has guided our successes, highlighted in the Library's Annual Reports. CUHK Library Strategy focuses on five key areas, so that the Library can best contribute to CUHK’s development:

  • Education – how can the Library help nurture our students as lifelong learners who will become global leaders?
  • Research – what role can the Library play in supporting cutting-edge research? What tools, platforms and services should we offer?
  • Engagement – what collaborations and partnerships should the Library be building? How can we best support CUHK’s distinctive culture?
  • Resources – what investment is needed to sustain the Library, recruit, retain and develop outstanding Library staff?
  • Infrastructure – what kind of physical spaces and IT infrastructure does the Library need to deliver its strategy?

Consultation Process

To this end, the Library has been engaging different stakeholders throughout the consultation process to hear from them generally on the Library and in particular on those five key areas:

  • Online Consultation – An online consultation was conducted from 25 January 2017 to 28 February 2017 and received active responses from the CUHK community. 
  • Library Awayday – A library awayday was organized on 23 February 2017.  Library User Group and all library staff members were invited to review the library development and to envision the library services in the next few years.
  • Open Forum – The Library has drafted the CUHK Library Strategy 2016-2020 and an open forum has been arranged on 24 April 2017 to hear directly from our stakeholders.

Consultation Update

  • Update will be available on this page. Please also follow us on Library Facebook.


We are seeking your views and feedback on CUHK Library Strategy 2016-2020 (Draft)

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CUHK Library Strategy 2016-2020 (Draft)

CUHK Library Strategy 2016-2020