Ensuring Users’ Safety in the time of COVID-19

Stepping Up Cleaning and Safety Measures to Protect Users and Staff from Coronavirus

Library Materials

All returned books and books that have been taken down from shelves for use inside the Library will be sterilized before putting them back on shelves or passing on to the next user. Library materials that are not suitable for sterilizing will be disinfected using 1:99 diluted bleach.

Library Materials

Study Space 

Please check the Library’s opening hours before coming to campus and it is recommended that you bring your own device. To help maintain social distancing, study seats and PC workstations are now arranged further apart from each other, with screens installed between PC workstations. Soft cushions are also removed.

Study Space  Study Space

Overall Library Cleaning

The Library has stepped up the cleaning measures throughout the Library. Library area, study space and facilities, such as monitors, keyboards, mice, photocopiers, printers, lifts, etc., are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Also, to strengthen the safety measures against the risk of coronavirus, antiviral coating has been applied to frequently used areas, including User Education Rooms, study rooms, Creative Media Studio, Digital Scholarship Lab, lifts, staircase and washrooms.

Other Preventive Measures

  • All library users should wear a mask properly inside the Library.
  • Users must have their temperature checked, sanitize their hands and walk on disinfection floor mat when entering the Library.
  • If staff or users are feeling unwell, they should not enter the Library.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided at service counters and different areas of the Library.
  • Posters are in place to remind users about maintaining social distancing and personal hygiene.

Other Preventive Measures

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