• I am quite impressed and also satisfied with our library facilities and services, on which I am very heavily dependent for my work, and would like to thank and congratulate the library staff for their commendable efforts, which I think are truly admirable.
  • I appreciate the efforts of the staff in all CUHK libraries because they have been very helpful. Also, thanks to CUHK libraries for creating an excellent learning atmosphere and I enjoy learning here.
  • I appreciate the service provided and am absolutely satisfied with it.
  • I like the environment of all of the libraries a lot!
  • Library services are perfect and timely especially with regards to assisting in borrowing academic materials or books from other institutions of learning through. Self-serving services such as space/room booking, books borrowing and return are all of greater convenience  
  • Our Library Colleagues are doing a great job and providing a vital service for the well-being of our academic community. Salute to their hard work!
  • Staff are helpful and friendly to help when we ask for it. Environment is nice, tidy, quiet and comfortable.
  • 图书馆的空间宽敞, 光线充足, 管理员也乐于助人, 整体感觉良好!
  • 图书馆的职员十分友善。
  • 我对于中大的图书馆有很高的评价,它带给我们的的一切所需要的资讯。很欣赏书本可以在各图书馆间相传送,这样也方便了在较远地方上班上学的人。多谢大家。
  • 我认为现时中大图书馆的服务都很完善,需要的书籍都应有尽有,而且工作人员也很友善。
  • 整体感觉好,资源设备较齐全。


读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • The library is keep on improving the facilities and service. It would be better if its opening hours are longer in weekends and Sundays.

We will be reviewing the Library’s opening hours in the coming year.

For information, the Learning Garden at the University Library, the LG/F of United College Library, the Architecture Library, the Li Ping Medical Library and the Learning Commons at Wu Ho Man Yuen Building (jointly operated with ITSC) are opened 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week for most of the year.

  • Really hope that library can be open on holiday too ( or longer service time please)
  • 开放时间于假日可以长一点,或开放进学园予校友于图书馆关门后继续使用
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • Will the library consider a facility that people can return books near the University station, so we do not have to go to main library to return HKALL books.

After the survey you can now return HKALL books at any of our libraries.

If a request cannot be fulfilled by the library/partner library, an e-notice will be sent to you with the reason for the cancellation. If you do not receive any email notification or library notices, first try checking your junk or spam email folders for emails from the Library. If they are not there, please log in to “My Library Record” and check if you have the correct email address registered with the Library. You can always contact us for help as well, in person, on line or by phone.

  • HKALL资料可在任何一间分馆归还
  • 有时预约了某本书,预约无端被取消,但没有收到图书馆的任何解释。希望图书馆能提供取消预约的原因。
  • 希望在预约书籍是能够选择距离自己较近的图书馆,而非必须到书籍原来所在的图书馆领取
This Autumn the Library will be piloting a new self-service pick up point using a book locker outside of the Library. Watch out for details coming soon.
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • Sometimes the staff are not available in certain floors.
Apart from service counters and help desks at designated floors, our Roving Help Team regularly walk the Library floors to proactively offer assistance where users need it rather than having them to come to a desk. But if you ever need help and can’t see a member of staff please come to a service counter.
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • The air conditioner in UL is set at a quite low temperature. It would be better if it could be set manually.
The Library’s temperature is set in the range of 21-23oC with a relative humidity of 45-60%, which is suitable for both users and books.  However, the temperature may fluctuate under different weather conditions, and the cooling effect may be more noticeable in areas near air grilles.  If you feel unusually cold or hot in a certain area, please contact us and we will investigate.
  • 请适当调节图使馆空调温度,有时温度过低。
  • 图书馆内常常有人占座,使其他人无法充分利用学习空间,是否可以禁止占座行为?
Personal items left unattended for 30 minutes or longer may be removed to free space and facilities for other users. If users need immediate assistance, they are welcome to contact staff at a Service Counter.
  • 不错,但仍有进步空间,希望多些安静温习间,希望可以多派人巡查,以解决学生霸位及吵闹的问题
The Library strives to maintain an environment conducive to learning and study taking into consideration the diverse needs of different library users. Both quiet study zones and discussion zones are available to users in each of our libraries. Library staff also walk library floors regularly and remind users to keep their voice down whenever necessary.  If you need immediate assistance, you please contact Library staff at a Service Counter.
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • 图书馆总体上是全校服务质素最佳的部门。希望可以提供更多的faculty study rooms,目前的申请等候时间较长,往往申请成功后已错过需要的研习时间;如果开放时间可以更长也很好。
To shorten the waiting time for a Faculty Study Room, the Library added six new Faculty Study Rooms in United College Library last year. Also, since November last year there is now only one queue for all the Faculty Study Rooms. Since then, the average waiting time has been shortened from 3-4 months to 2-3 months. While we are pleased with this improvement we recognize this is not ideal and will look at options to improve further.
  • Faculty study room的轮候时长是否可以缩短? 谢谢
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • The provided services are diversified. However, it is rather too remote to join in off-campus. Suggested to use webinar facilities, or video projection in off-campus if appropriate and possible.

In 2017, the Library piloted the use of webinar as a new mode of delivery so that users can access workshop materials anytime and anywhere. The pilot was well received, and we have expanded the use of webinars for digital scholarship and research data workshops as well as other topics. We will further expand the use of webinar, utilize the webinar recordings, and cover more topics where applicable.

Introduction video to CUHK Library and “How-to” Videos are available on the CUHK Library website.

  • 有些图书馆服务介绍会,专题工作坊可否上载图书馆网站,供未有空参与者翻看。
  • Instead of organize library course, would Library consider to make some youtube/video that teach user how to use / introduce library services. User can access the video anytime from internet.
  • it may be better to increase more learning class for thesis writing skills, use of Refwork, citation for APA format
We are delighted to learn that many of the workshops are in high demand and welcomed by postgraduate students. We will try to increase the number of workshops whenever resources allow.  On the other hand, we will also make the best effort to communicate to registered users to attend or to cancel registration when they cannot attend so that seats can be released to users on the waiting list.
  • 最近与自学中心合办的多项工作坊,对研究和学术表现有很大帮助,且图书馆推广自学资源效果极好。唯举办次数有时仅限于一场,容易因为课表冲突无法参加;若可考虑有些反应好的工作坊,变成常态举办。
  • Please increase no. of sessions of Digital Scholarship and Research Data Workshops. It is always full for registration.
  • My colleagues and I like the research-related workshops e.g. R, python, publication tips. Look forward to see more of it in the future. Thanks.
  • 很少会接触到图书馆活动的宣传

Our publicity channels include the Library Website, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc., Mass Mail, printed posters etc. We will explore more channels to deliver library news and events to CUHK community in the future.

Please visit the Workshops webpage for more information.

  • more promotion of workshop activities
  • Many resources supporting academic issue
  • But hope can have more books related to non-academics
Please take a look at our Good Reads section in each library.  Students and staff are welcome to make recommendations via Purchase Request after login to LibrarySearch.
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • 希望图书馆可增加 电子书 及 纸版书 的数量
  • 提供更多e-books及reading materials
The CUHK Library has one of the strongest collections among university libraries in Hong Kong; there are 2.7 million print items, almost 2.7 million electronic books, almost 1,000 databases and over 150,000 journal subscriptions. We are continuously acquiring new resources and subscribing to new services in collaboration with departments. However we may not have exactly what you need. You can make use of the JULAC Card and HKALL scheme to visit or borrow from other libraries in Hong Kong, and our inter-library loan scheme offers faculty the option to borrow from overseas libraries. In addition, students and staff are welcome to make recommendations via Purchase Request after login to LibrarySearch.
  • I also think that for course mandatory/suggested readings, the library could put them into electrical readings such that we don't need to compete among students ourselves.
The Library has just launched a new Reading List application. This integrates the LibrarySearch with BlackBoard and enables faculty to create dynamic reading lists providing direct links to materials both in the library and online. Have a look at http://readinglist.lib.cuhk.edu.hk/
  • Be more up to date with new books

The Library has a book approval programme which automatically sends newly published books to the Library according to a subject profile for selection by our faculties.

  • 希望能够及时引进更多新出版图书
  • book acquisition is very slow, compared to other university libraries. Many books don't have hardcopy versions.
  • 希望订购及处理新书的过程能快一点,让读者更早可以借阅
The Library has been working with vendors to source books more efficiently. Library materials are supplied by reputable international and local book vendors. Books published with small print runs may become out of print quickly, and books published several years ago are also difficult to source, but we are continually reviewing our processes to make them as efficient as possible.
  • 增加/完善荐购功能,老师同学在图书馆找不到藏书时可以推荐图书馆购买,图书馆可以从中选择增加馆藏
The Library welcomes new title recommendations to support the University in its research, learning and teaching. Relevance, quality, cost and formats are some of the selection criteria for library collections and the Library must prioritize the allocation of resources for research, learning and teaching.
  • the classification system is differ from the public library, very hard for me to look for books I want.
CUHK Library adopts Library of Congress classification which is widely used in research libraries. The library collection is arranged by subject and each library holds a range of subjects, for details see http://lib.cuhk.edu.hk/en/collections/location. On the shelf the call number is based on a primary subject area.  After subject classification, the item will be arranged by main author, then title (if multiple authors appeared or no main authors are provided). It’s complex as it seeks to classify all of knowledge and any classification scheme will divide subjects, but please ask for help if you can’t find material that should be on the shelf.
  • 希望书籍分类更清晰,更容易找到所需书籍。
  • Index other research data repositories. Collect university research data monthly make those FAIR
The Library is part of a research data management taskforce that the University has set up to look at this issue. We are aware of the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles and their importance in data management and facilitating data reuse. Meanwhile the Library has created a LibGuide on Research Data Management at https://libguides.lib.cuhk.edu.hk/RDM/dataset_deposit.
  • 整体来说是不错的,中大的图书馆数量也比较多,能方便学生就近找个地方坐下来工作。不足的地方在于图书馆的工作人员(尤其是咨询处的职员)的服务态度普遍比较一般。另外,图书馆的网上资源也很丰富,只是偶尔会有一些论文并没有收录到图书馆的数据库里面,就需要上google自己找,而且有的时候给出的链接会错配到别的不相关网站,令人感觉有点无奈。但总体而言,中大的图书馆能够给我们提供挺不错的学习环境。
The Library cooperates with Google Scholar to enable access to CUHK subscribed electronic resources to facilitate users' access.  The Library will continually work with vendors to enhance the user experience in using electronic resources on 3rd party platforms.
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • 网上的搜寻系统有待改善

We will continue to work with the system vendor to improve the user friendliness and system performance.

We will see if we can simplify our web pages.

  • The most unsatisfied service is the library webpage. The fancy layers and floating components are very resources demanding even for a recent computer. Could library just change to a simpler clean webpage for retrieving information?
  • Better to indicate whether the book is loanable in a more eye-catching position on the webpage.
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • 部分网上期刊即使在系统目录之中列出,却无法查阅。
The CUHK digital library comprises 4.5 million electronic resources, Ensuring all these links work is a difficult task, although we try as hard as we can. Please report any broken links and we will follow up as soon as possible.  
  • For the Chinese online catalog, a lot of the journals are listed as "accessible" on the library search, however the links are either broken or the journals are shown as 'not purchased by your organization' when refer to that external source, so please check if the links really work.
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • If I miss a punctuation mark, it will not return my desired search result.
We will arrange to deliver more instruction and tips on searching in Library workshops and via other channels.
  • 有时侯在图书馆网search直接打exact书名,但没有岀现在寻找结果中。
  • 希望图书馆的检索系统更加完善,有时候仅仅是一个词错误便搜不到想要的文献,要完善模糊搜索功能。
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • The new system generates too many irrelevant results, many of which are not related to the holding of library books.
  • Academic users usually do not prefer mixed result of books and articles, especially many articles are indeed useless peer reviews of books. It harms the accuracy for us to find books. There are better search engines to look for articles so it is rare that we need to use the library engine to find them.
We will pass this feedback on to our vendor. By default the keywords are searched against the Library holding together with journal articles, book reviews and newspaper articles. Please beware that you can limit the search results using the filtering function.
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • 索书号应汇合地图被电子化,现时去找书要一行一行望,找足全层,但如果电子地图或app 会显示在几层几区会更方便,特别是ulib, 纸版地图上很难找到标示
We will explore how to enhance the existing location map called up via the "LOCATE" button in LibrarySearch.
  • 希望网上搜寻系统能标明书架位置,现时只标注楼层并不足够。
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • Should provide more computers for users.

CUHK Library already has over 500 public PCs which is the greatest number among all university libraries. Users are encouraged to bring their own notebook computers to the Library. We have full Wi-Fi coverage and power sockets available at many study tables and are increasing this provision where possible

读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • 希望图书馆电脑区域购买安装一些各个专业需要的正版软件,比如matlab,stata等。
SPSS is already installed on most Library computers. Adobe Acrobat Pro as part of Adobe Creative Cloud is already installed on Multimedia PCs and selected PCs in the University Library. MATLAB and Mendeley have been installed over the summer vacation on most Library computers. Full details of the software available can be found at https://www.lib.cuhk.edu.hk/use/facilities/software
  • May consider to install Endnote and Adobe illustrator and photoshop in the computer. 学校可否在各图书馆电脑上增加安装mendeley文献管理软件,这样有利于论文写作,非常重要。
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • 大学图书馆内的电脑经常不能登入
We are managing over 500 computers and may not know the issues on the individual computer timely. All users are encouraged to report the computer issues to our staff for our prompt follow-up. We are exploring and will be piloting this year an alternative PC management system that should improve downtime.
  • 加快电脑维修
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • The library service is generally good, but I think the problem of the library is in express-printing because when wifi-printing is available in other libraries, CUHK is still using printers that only support USB-printing which is really a shame.
We are already supporting Wi-Fi Printing Service, details can be found at http://www.lib.cuhk.edu.hk/en/use/facilities/print-copy-scan/wifi. We will continue to work with the printer vendor to improve the printing service.
  • 改善WiFi printing设备的质素
  • A bit clumsy for the printing service
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • The room booking system can be more user-friendly.
We will explore the possibility with the system vendor to enhance the system to better meet users' needs. We will also review the recommended number of people for each room.
  • 预定小组研讨室的网页上是否能够提供房间的相片,因部分房间虽标注6个座位,但桌子却很小,不能放下6台电脑
读者评语﹕ 图书馆回应﹕
  • 在家使用资料库往往需要连上VPN,但中大的VPN非常不稳定,希望可以尽早修复。
The Wi-Fi network within Library and the CUHK VPN are provided by ITSC. We will reflect user comments to the concerned parties for follow-up.
  • 改善wifi稳定性问题