Innovation Skills Workshops: Applying Digital Tools in Telling Stories with DATA (工作坊 2 於 2018年5月25-26 日进行)


由图书馆与创业研究中心合办 Innovation Skills Workshops: Applying Digital Tools in Telling Stories with DATA 系列的工作坊 2:Preparing and Exploring Your Data in Python 将于5月25-26日进行,欢迎所有有兴趣将数据转化为具影响力故事中大师生参加工作坊3将于约9月中至10月初进行,所有完成三个工作坊的参加者将获发出席证书

Workshop 2: Preparing and Exploring Your Data in Python (9 hrs)  (2018年5月25-26日) 

a. Preparing (pre-processing) your data for growth (3 hrs)

  1. Know your sources: interviews, field studies, open data, API, websites, IoT, and digital archives
  2. ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading) in CSV, XML, and JSON formats for data preparation
  3. Finding a home for your data - cloud computing and its infrastructure for growth and support
  4. Popular tools for data preparation (e.g. Knime, Open Refine, Google Sheet/Xpath, Scrapinghub, Beautiful Soap, and Scrapy)

日期及时间: 2018年5月25日 (星期五) 晚上6时30分至9时30分

b. Exploring your data in Python (6 hrs)

  1. Using Anaconda Jupyter Notebook for data exploration in Python
  2. Introduction to Python operations (operator and operand), control structure, data structure, and function
  3. Useful Python modules for data exploration, analysis and mining (Mathpotlib, Numpy, Pandas, etc.)
  4. Free online resources for self-paced learning in Python (,,,, etc.)

日期及时间: 2018年5月26日 (星期六) 上午10时至下午1时 & 下午2时30分至5时30分

Workshop 3: Visualizing and Publishing Your Data in Python (9 hrs) (暂定于 9月中至 10月初进行)
a. Growing your data in the cloud: From Google Sheet to Airtable (3 hrs)

  1. Beyond Google Sheet — Building relational database in Airtable for storing and managing your data
  2. The power of views — Displaying and filtering data in form, grid, calendar, kanban, and gallery views
  3. Functions and API for more advanced data modelling and application development
  4. Integration with other web applications for team collaboration and project management

b. Data Visualisation in JavaScript (3 hrs)

  1. Front-end vs. back-end programming: interface with the user and interface with the data using the Python Flask framework
  2. Useful JavaScript libraries (jQuery, D3, Mpld3, Leaflet, etc.) for data visualization and front-end interactions
  3. Create your first interactive chart in Matpotlib and Mpld3 
  4. Create your first interactive map in Leaflet

c. Publishing Your Project on the Web (3 hrs)

  1. The elements of user experience in web design
  2. The narrative components in user journey within a web design
  3. Combining Airtable and Bootstrap library for web publishing
  4. Use of Google Optimize and Google Analytics to track your web project

地点: 大学图书馆地下 数码学术研究室
报名: 按此报名 (第二个工作坊)
备注: 参加者需自备手提电脑作练习。

Innovation Skills Workshop 2: Preparing and Exploring Your Data in Python