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Working in



initiated two significant co-operative projects which the

Library has taken up. The first is the move to a shared library system

amongst all JULAC libraries which will be tendered in late 2015; the

second is a UGC funded project to create shared information literacy

courseware amongst all the eight libraries.

The Library was pleased to again receive collections of rare books and archives or financial

support from our generous donors. Below are some highlighted donations:


it is the largest donation of Chinese Medicine books ever received

by the Library, amongst them are nineteen pre-1795 titles and

117 titles published between 1796 and 1911;

Professor Chong Siu Cheung Chinese Medicine Collection



) donated by Professor Y.C. Kong (



Professor Chong Siu Cheung Chinese Medicine Collection

Lin Bicheng Papers


poetry, calligraphy and correspondence from twenty three

Guangdong and Hong Kong scholars and artists. Most of the

manuscripts are the literary works from ‘Jian Society’ poets, a

society founded by Liao Entao(


) and active in Hong Kong

in the 1950s.

Lin Bicheng Papers (