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E.g., 17/06/2019
E.g., 17/06/2019
  • 09/06/2019

    LibrarySearch will be under system maintenance from 00:00 Jun 9 (Sun) to 05:00 Jun 9 (Sun). During this period "My Library Record", online renewal and requests may be unavailable.

    The LibrarySearch service will be resumed immediately after the maintenance. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thank you.

  • 21/05/2019 to 07/07/2019

    There will be air conditioning repairs untaken in the Law Library TKP 3/F from May 17 to July 7, 2019. During this time, the whole of TKP 3/F collection and Group Study Rooms 7 & 8 will be inaccessible. For 3/F book retrieval requests, please fill in the Online Retrieval Form . We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and please contact our staff for any assistance on 3943 8641.

  • 12/05/2019 to 01/09/2019

    The Learning Garden will be closed from May 12, 7 pm to September 1, 2019 for refurbishment and renovations.

    The retrieval service for the audio-visual materials and A Class books, which are housed in the Learning Garden, will be provided as soon as possible during the renovation. For details, please click here .

    The following services and facilities will be affected during this period of time:

    • Kindle E-book readers, chargers, laptop computers, please borrow and return them at the HelpDesk on the G/F.

    • 3D Printing and Scanning Services: please send your 3D printing and scanning requests to...

  • 20/02/2019 to 05/03/2019

    The Academia Sinica Digital Humanities Research Platform goes online in recent months. It marks another milestone for digital scholarship in humanities involving the analysis of Chinese scripts using computational techniques. The CUHK Library is pleased to have Dr. Sophy Shu-Jiun Chen, Assistant Research Fellow at the Academia Sinica to give a talk on the landscape of digital humanities at the academy.


    Speaker: Dr. Sophy Shu-Jiun Chen, Assistant Research Fellow, Academia Sinica
    Date: 5 Mar 2019 (Tue)
    Time: 10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
    Venue: Digital Scholarship Lab, G/F, University Library
    Language: English

  • 11/02/2019 to 19/03/2019

    The Hong Kong Literature Research Centre and CUHK Library is co-organizing the second Digital Scholarship Symposium , titled “(Re-)Mining Text: From Traditional to Digital” on 19 March 2019 (Tuesday) . This Symposium aims to explore the techniques and applications of text mining in the new era. Researchers mine text in a microscopic way using traditional research methods. But with techniques developed in digital scholarship, they can re-mine the text from a macroscopic perspective.

    The one-day Symposium will have a keynote speech given by Professor J. Stephen Downie, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, School of Information Sciences at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the Illinois Co-Director of the...

  • 08/02/2019 to 14/03/2019

    The CUHK Library will have a talk on Hong Kong place names study by an experienced local researcher and a collector of maps and books about Hong Kong. Welcome users who are interested to know more about Hong Kong places to join and exchange ideas!

    (Details in Chinese.)




    About the Speaker:


    Date: 14...

  • 23/01/2019 to 23/02/2019

    CUHK Library websites have won 4 “Gold Award” in the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2018. The awarded websites of CUHK Library included CUHK Library, University Gallery, CUHK Library Digital Scholarship Projects Site and CUHK Digital Repository. The scheme is jointly organised by Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited, the Office of Government Chief Information Officer and the Equal Opportunities Commission.

    "Gold Award” website met 24 judging criteria to provide better web accessibility features to all users of the website.

    A total of 14 websites of CUHK, included CUHK Library websites won the “Silver Award” and the “Gold Award”. Award presentation ceremony held on June 26, 2018 and January 16, 2019. For details about the scheme, please refer to the...

  • 07/01/2019 to 02/04/2019
    The Library will have workshops on introducing digital scholarship and related tools to arouse the interest in applying new digital tools on research. Welcome CUHK academics, researchers and postgraduate students to join.

    Gephi for Network Visualisation (Hands-on)

    Gephi is a software for visualisation and exploration of graphs and networks. This workshop will demonstrate with hands-on exercise on how to turn your data into network graphs to discover hidden message.

    Participants may bring your own device with Gephi 0.9.2 ( ) and the plugins installed prior to the workshop.

    25 Jan (Fri) 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m....

  • 07/01/2019 to 29/03/2019

    Time spent on the Library workshops today equals time saved later! Attend the following workshops to learn more about Library resources that support your study and research needs.

    Searching Skills Series

    Program 1: Finding Information in Social Sciences

    Introduces library resources on Social Sciences and demonstrates how to identify a research question and search related materials.

    17 Jan (Thu) 2:30 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. [Click here to register]
    23 Jan (Wed) 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (Webinar) [Click here to register]

    Program 2: Finding Business Information...

  • 28/11/2018 to 07/12/2018

    Sheng Xuanhuai (1844-1916), a powerful and resourceful merchant, politician, banker, diplomat, philanthropist, and educator, was the driving force of China’s industrialization and modernization during the late Qing to early Republican period.

    The Sheng Xuanhuai Archive at the Chinese University of Hong Kong was acquired by the Art Museum in 1985, under the auspice of the late Dr. J.S. LEE and Mr. CHENG Chi. It comprises 77 volumes with almost 4 million characters in over 13,000 correspondences among Sheng Xuanhuai, his family members, and colleagues. The archive is key to understanding that period of seismic changes, and it will revolutionize the study of late Qing and early Republican China.

    Upon the completion of this important phase of digitisation and transcription...

  • 15/11/2018 to 27/11/2018

    香港中文大學圖書館推出全文圖像《中國現代戲劇館藏》( ),此批戲劇書籍原購於六十年代中期,是研究現代中國戲劇的寶庫。已掃描並完成上載的書籍共1700餘冊,主要包括三十及四十年代著作,絕版戲劇書、初版和油印的劇本和戲劇理論、技術書等。在新的《中國現代戲劇館藏》平臺還嵌入中國現代劇本提要及評論。




  • 15/11/2018 to 20/11/2018

    The Library is pleased to co-organize the following seminar on video game preservation in Hong Kong with and Department of Cultural and Religious Studies . Welcome CUHK members to join and share your video game memories!

    Video Game Preservation in Hong Kong

    (Seminar content in Chinese only)





  • 16/10/2018 to 14/11/2018

    The Library is pleased to arrange two talks for researchers and postgraduate students on writing and publishing with international journals. Wiley and Taylor & Francis, two of the world’s leading publishers of academic journals, will provide the talks. CUHK postgraduate students and researchers are all welcome to attend.

    1. Author Strategies for Journal Publication: Tips for Early Career Researchers

    22 Oct (Mon) 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon


    How to select the right journal for your manuscript Submission tips How to survive peer review Publishing ethics How to promote your research and increase readership Introduction to Wiley Researcher Academy

    Speaker : Dr. Tina Wang, Journal Publishing Manager, Wiley

  • 12/10/2018 to 21/11/2018

    All CUHK undergraduate students are welcome to attend the following library workshops. Postgraduate students are also welcome to attend if they wish. If you have the Digital Literacy Card that the Library sent out earlier in September, attending the following sessions can be counted towards the Digital Literacy Certificate Course.

    Students, in groups of ten or more, can request library courses to suit their information needs and schedules.

    Program 1: Develop an Effective Search Strategy for Your Assignment

    This workshop covers the following to help you to:

    Understand your reading lists, the difference between primary and secondary sources Expand the range of your search terms by using similar concepts and synonyms Use advanced search techniques such as...
  • 07/09/2018 to 17/10/2018

    All CUHK undergraduate students are welcome to attend the following library workshops. Postgraduate students are also welcome to attend if they wish. After attending five courses on information research skills, you will be granted a certificate of digital literacy by the Library. Students, in groups of ten or more, can request library courses to suit their information needs and schedules.

    Program 1: How to Build Up Skills to Use the Library Effectively

    Part A: How to Develop Effective Search Strategies
    This workshop provides a foundation for new undergraduate students for their later research at the University and the Library. It covers concepts, terminology and basic research skills such as understanding reading lists, recognizing the difference between...

  • 07/09/2018 to 14/09/2018

    The Library Orientation for new undergraduate students will be held from 3-13 September, 2018 at the University Library.


    Finding online and print academic resources; Services and facilities; Guided tour of the University Library.

    Venue: User Education Room 1, G/F, University Library

    Date and Time:

    3 Sep (Mon) 12:25 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. Cantonese [Click here to register]
    3 Sep (Mon) 2:25 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. Putonghua [Click here to register]
    3 Sep (Mon) 4:25 p.m. – 5:15 p.m. Cantonese [Click...

  • 06/09/2018 to 09/11/2018

    Dear CUHK staff and students, please note the following announcement from ITSC which will affect your access to Library services. According to OnePass (CWEM) Password Policy, OnePass (CWEM) Password must be changed regularly.

    If you have not changed your OnePass password since Jul 1, 2018, please change your password before it expires on Oct 9. If you need to use a Library computer but your password has already expired, please make use of the visitor's PCs ( ).

    OnePass Password Expiry Date

    The Coming Expiry Date of OnePass (CWEM) Password: Oct 9, 2018

    This expiry date applies to all CUHK staff and students , unless you have changed...

  • 03/09/2018 to 09/11/2018

    The Library will have workshops on introducing digital humanities/scholarship and related tools to arouse the interest in applying new digital tools on research. Welcome CUHK academics, researchers and postgraduate students to join.

    Using Facilities in Digital Scholarship Lab

    This briefing session will demonstrate the use of equipment and facilities in the Digital Scholarship Lab and to introduce the software and tools available from the workstations to enable you to conduct digital scholarship research at the Lab at ease.

    24 Sep (Mon) 11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Click to register * Re-scheduled *

    Introducing Digital Humanities for Study and...

  • 01/09/2018 to 12/10/2018

    Workshop 3: Visualizing and Publishing Your Data in Python , the last workshop of the Innovation Skills Workshops: Applying Digital Tools in Telling Stories with DATA Series collaborated with Center for Entrepreneurship will be held on 5, 9 & 12 Oct (3 sessions) . Welcome CUHK Faculty members, researchers and all students to join this workshop to equip yourself to tell impactful stories with data. Joint Certificate of Attendance will be issued for participants who have attended the whole...

  • 03/08/2018 to 01/10/2018

    In response to the changing needs for learning, teaching and research, and with an aim to create spaces that are technology-rich and vibrant, Chung Chi College Library and United College Library will have successfully completed their renovation projects during the summer period and the Libraries will reopen from the start of Term 1 to welcome back our users for the new academic year. For more renovation updates, click on Chung Chi College Library and United College Library .

    A major collection change has been the relocation of the majority of audio-visual collections from the United College Library...