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Exchange research ideas across disciplines,
Increase visibility of research profiles,
Inspire new research and interdisciplinary collaborations

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Through a series of informal and engaging events for CUHK research postgraduate students to present their research, the Research Café aims at facilitating interdisciplinary research ideas exchange, and providing opportunities for the students to enhance presentation skills.

Event Features

  • 15-minute presentations on a theme from up to 5 students researching in various disciplines
  • Sharing the research output and experience by scholars
  • Discussion facilitated by a moderator
  • Feedback on student’s presentation skills after presentation


  • CUHK Research Postgraduates: Presenting your own research or project.
  • CUHK Scholars, Academics and Researchers: Sharing on research output and experience, and/or acting as a moderator to facilitate discussion and give feedback to students.
  • All CUHK Students and Staff: Welcome to join the Café to exchange ideas.

If you wish to recommend a presentation theme, please contact us by email at

Upcoming Events

Research Café on How AI Can Empower Your Research

The 19th Research Café will be held on 28 Sep 2023 (Thu). The series theme is How AI Can Empower Your Research. Due to the rapid development of computing tools, such as machine learning methods, it has greatly expanded the arrays of research tools for many disciplines and opened up many new possibilities. In this series of Research Computing Café, we have invited several researchers who are actively engaged in AI research to introduce some of the AI-enabled tools that are of interest to a wide range of research fields. The series aims at promoting interaction among researchers in different fields. It’s a gathering to make friends over free food and drink!

The first speaker is Mr. FU Xinyu, a Ph.D. Student from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He is going to share with us on the topic AI for non-AI Researchers. Prof. CHU Ming Chung, the Choh-Ming Li Professor of Physics from the Department of Physics, will be the moderator of this Café.

We are also very honored to invite Dr. Yvonne LOONG, Senior Lecturer, The Independent Learning Centre (ILC), to provide feedback on student’s presentation skills.

Refreshments will be provided. All CUHK postgraduates and staff are welcome to join to exchange ideas!

Date: 28 Sep 2023 (Thu)
Time: 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Venue: User Education Room, G/F, University Library
Language: English
Registration: Click here


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