The service partners with faculty and postgraduates at all levels to support research activities across the entire research life cycle from embarking on a research project to disseminating research outputs by leveraging the latest digital technologies and our team of knowledgeable professionals. A suite of services has been developed for each phase of the research life cycle. You are welcome to visit individual web pages shown in the following for details.

Research Cycle

Digital Initiatives Team

Mr Ryun LEE 李智恒先生
Mr Ryun LEE
Head of Digital Initiatives
(852) 3943 7314
Mr Vincent LUM 林偉業先生
Mr Vincent LUM
Digital Technologies Librarian
(852) 3943 9291
Ms Kitty SIU 邵潔怡女士
Ms Kitty SIU
Digital Scholarship Librarian
(852) 3943 9731

Contact for Digital Services
(852) 3943 7314

Research Support Team

Ms Lily KO 高宇女士
Ms Lily KO
Head, Research & Learning Support
(852) 3943 9737
Dr Ella FU 傅麗芬博士
Dr Ella FU
Head, Scholarly Communications Section
(852) 3943 9985
Mr Seth KWOK 郭貺定先生
Mr Seth KWOK
Scholarly Communications Librarian
(852) 3943 1884
Dr Wendy H.Y. WONG 黃海茵博士
Dr Wendy H.Y. WONG
Research Data Librarian
(852) 3943 3162

Contact for Research Support Service
(852) 3943 7313