Our primary aim is to support students and staff of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, but we are also pleased to provide access to visitors whenever possible. All visitors should report to the library help desk on entering the Library.

Visiting Scholars and Students

Visiting scholars and students affiliated with a CUHK department are welcome to use the Library. To join the Library, visiting scholars please refer to the webpage on Visiting Scholars for details. An application for a Library card can be made in advance of your arrival, ensuring no delay in accessing the Library. For students, the department you are affiliated with will arrange a Library card.

Independent Researchers

Individuals with research needs that require the use of CUHK Library materials but are not currently members of the CUHK community can apply for the use of the Library for a fee. Please refer to the webpage on Fee-based Library Membership for details. Please note that due to space restrictions we do not grant access to CUHK Library to those only looking for a quiet place to study.

Guided Tour for Groups

For all group visits and guided tours an application has to be made at least one week in advance by email to library@cuhk.edu.hk. Guided tours for local secondary school students will only be arranged on weekdays (except public holidays) during the University’s non-teaching periods, summer semester and semester breaks, and students have to be at form 4 or above. Please visit the University Almanac for details of University’s term dates before applying for a library visit. The tours will normally be conducted in Cantonese unless English or Mandarin is requested.

One-time Visits

One-time visits are available after signing in with suitable ID at the library Help Desk near the entrance.


Library location: http://www.lib.cuhk.edu.hk/floorplan/index.php?lang=en

Getting to the CUHK: http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/english/university/visitors.html

Using the Library

Places to study. The Library offers a variety of study spaces, see Places to Study webpage for details. There are a number of bookable study rooms for researchers wishing to use the USC collection, please email usc@cuhk.edu.hk for more information.

WiFi. For visiting scholars and students, your CUHK department can apply for external user accounts for you to access the required IT services on campus. If you only need on campus WiFi, you can apply for an external CUguest WiFi service through your affiliated CUHK department instead.
Other visitors can access wi-fi through Eduroam, CSL and Y5Zone hotspots.

Computers. Each library has at least one public computer designated for visitors that does not require login. These are also connected to multi-function photocopiers (MFP) for printing. Use of other public computers is restricted to those with a CUHK login ID and password.

Electronic resources. Public access to LibrarySearch, CUHK Library’s online catalogue is available from the Library’s homepage. Digital resources that are open access or where license agreements allow for walk-in use by visitors can be accessed from public computers designated for visitors.

Library Regulations. The Library’s Regulations and other policies should be adhered to at all times. The Library reserves the right to refuse admission.