Visiting and International Scholars/ Higher Degree students

A Library card can be provided for visiting and International scholars/higher degree students to access and use the library services for the duration of their visit. Please note that all Library Card holders must abide by any CUHK campus access measures/restrictions, including any infection control measures, when using the Library Card. Please also note that once a Library Card is issued, the Library may share the personal data of the library card holder with the University when and as requested.


Visiting Scholars #

Scholars or fellows who are visiting from other academic institutions and who are affiliated with a CUHK department for the purpose of short-term instruction and/or research may apply for a library borrower’s or reader’s card.

To apply, please send the following information by email to

a. The completed form, or a memo endorsed by the Head of CUHK Department that Visiting Scholar is affiliated with
b. A recent passport photo in JPEG or PNG format
c. Scanned copy of the interdepartmental transfer form of the HK$55 application fee*

# Visiting Universities Service Centre (USC) for China Studies Collection : Scholars and graduate students who wish to have an affiliation with a CUHK department to apply for a Visiting Scholars’ card to work with USC for China Studies Collection might consider contacting the Centre for China Studies (CCS). Please contact Betty Co (, Executive Officer of the CCS, with your application including a CV and a one-page description of your research project. Graduate students should also ask their supervisor to provide a recommendation letter.

* If the Visiting Scholar is to settle the HK$55 application fee by himself/herself, he/she can pay by cash, Octopus Card or cheque at the Service Counter of the University Library.


International Scholars/Higher Degree Students

Scholars and full-time higher degree students of overseas higher educational/academic institutions with short-term research needs requiring use of unique materials at the CUHK Library that are not available elsewhere may apply for a reader’s card to enter CUHK Library for a maximum of three consecutive months within one academic year.

To apply, please send the following information by email to

a. The completed form
b. A referral letter from your institution and staff/full-time student identification
c. Details of CUHK Library materials that you wish to use
d. A recent passport photo in JPEG or PNG format

Once the application is approved, you may settle the HK$55 application fee by cash, Octopus Card or cheque at the service counter of the University Library.

For enquiries, please contact us by email:

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