The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library’s collections are developed in collaboration with faculty and students to support the teaching, learning and research of the University. The Library is known for the strength of its bilingual collections, particularly in Chinese studies, reflecting the University’s bilingual and multicultural environment.

While the physical collections continue to grow, with approximately 2.8 million print volumes, electronic resources now dominate and the Library offers access to over 5.4 million ebooks, 160,000 electronic journals and 1,000 databases.

Our Special Collections are an integral part of the Library’s collection, providing original and unique resources focused primarily on Chinese and Hong Kong studies. They range from Shang dynasty oracle bones, Chinese rare and semi-rare books, to modern literary archives and manuscripts.

To support the development of digital scholarship and open access as well as preservation, the Library initiates digitisation projects of its collections. The result of these efforts are showcased in our Digitised Collections which make available over 5 million digital images/objects to students and faculty at the University, and this content is increasingly openly accessible to the local and global research community.