Research Poster Exhibition

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What is Research Poster Exhibition | Exhibition in 2017 | Previous Exhibition

The Research Poster Exhibition is organized annually by the Library with support from The Independent Learning Centre for all current CUHK postgraduate students to display their research work in the form of posters for the following aims:

  • to facilitate postgraduate students to present their own research to the broader university community
  • to provide participants opportunities to enhance their poster presentation skills


  • All CUHK postgraduate students are invited to submit their research poster abstracts in response to our call that will be announced around April every year.
  • Research posters in different disciplines are welcome.
  • Selected research posters will be displayed in the University Library during the exhibition period. 
  • All participants are requested to present their research content orally to a panel of judges. Prizes will be awarded to the best poster presentation as a token of appreciation. 

Eligibility of participants: Current CUHK postgraduate students

Poster Guidelines, Oral Presentation and Assessment Criteria:

  • Poster Guidelines:
    • The poster should present contents for the participants’ own research.
    • All poster abstracts from interested postgraduates should be submitted via the Online Submission Form. Abstracts of selected submissions may be included in Exhibition promotional materials and brochure.
    • Poster size: 140 cm (H) X 90 cm (W)
    • Poster content should be easily readable within 3 to 5 minutes.
    • Poster should include the poster title, student’s full name, name of department/discipline, and relevant research contents (e.g. research objectives, methods, results or any combination of these).
    • Softcopy of selected posters in PDF or JPEG format at 300 dpi should be sent to the Library for printing.
  • Poster Presentation:
    • Participants should stand near to their posters and orally present their research content to the judges and people attending the exhibition and answer their questions.
    • Judge panel attending the poster exhibition are free to move about from poster to poster, and may ask students questions about the research. Students should be prepared to give a short oral presentation and answer questions.
  • Assessment Criteria:
    • Poster content relevant to research topic or title
    • Poster design
    • Presentation (clarity and quality)
    • Q&A (knowledge of subjects)


Exhibition in 2017:

  • Research Poster Exhibition -- May 2017


    • Exhibition:
      10 May 2017 (Wed) 3:00 p.m. to 25 May 2017 (Thu)

    • Oral Presentation by Participants & Prize Presentation Ceremony for Best Posters:
      18 May 2017 (Thu) 9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
        Light refreshment will be provided.

    Participants' Submissions: Click here to view.

    Venue: Reading Area next to Digital Scholarship Lab, G/F, University Library

    Honoured Judge Panel:

    • Prof. Lutz-Christian Wolff, Dean of the Graduate School & Wei Lun Professor of Law
    • Dr. Karl Holm, Lecturer, The Independent Learning Centre
    • Ms. Louise Jones, University Librarian of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Prizes of Best Poster Presentation:

    • Champion: $500 book coupon
    • 1st Runner-up: $300 book coupon
    • 2nd Runner-up: $200 book coupon

    Best Poster Presentation Awards:

    • Champion: Zihan ZHANG, MA Student, Department of English
    • 1st Runner-up: Jeng Sum Charmaine KUNG, PhD Student, Department of Paediatrics
    • 2nd Runner-up: Randolph Chun Ho CHAN, PhD Candidate, Department of Psychology, & oral presentation by Floria Hin Ngan CHIO, PhD Student, Department of Psychology
    • Honorable Mention Awards:
      • Alice Jeanne ABOU-NADER, PhD Student, Department of Paediatrics
      • Duan Yang MA, PhD Candidate, Department of Psychiatry


Previous Exhibition:

  • Research Poster Exhibition (11-20 May 2016)

    Research Poster Exhibition 研究海報展覽 Research Poster Exhibition 研究海報展覽 Research Poster Exhibition 研究海報展覽
    Research Poster Exhibition 研究海報展覽 Research Poster Exhibition 研究海報展覽 Research Poster Exhibition 研究海報展覽
    Research Poster Exhibition 研究海報展覽 Research Poster Exhibition 研究海報展覽 Research Poster Exhibition 研究海報展覽

    Best Poster Presentation Awards:

    • Champion: Chun Yeung LO, PhD Candidate, School of Life Sciences
    • 1st Runner-up: Grace Wing Chiu BUT, PhD Student, School of Life Sciences
    • Honorable Mention Awards:
      • Meixiazi LIU, MPhil Student, Dept. of Economics
      • Chi Keung CHAN, Doctor of Education Student, Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction


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