Accessible Facilities & Services

The Service

CUHK Library works closely with the Office of Student Affairs to provide a range of academic support facilities and services to users with specific needs. Users may enquire at any Service Counter in our libraries for assistance.


Library Card for Assistants

Library Card will be arranged for the assistants of physically disadvantaged users. On their behalf, the assistants can look up and check out materials in all libraries. Please call User Services at 3943 7306 or email to for details.


“Smart City Walk” app

Jointly developed with the Hong Kong Blind Union, this mobile app aims to facilitate visually impaired users and others to access Library facilities using verbal and visual instructions. To download the App, please visit [App Store] / [Google Play].


Availability of Accessible Facilities & Services  

Accessible Facilities UL CCL NAL UCL MEL ARL LAW
ABBYY FineReader
Accessible Entry
Accessible Lift
Accessible Toilet ✓* ✓*
Accessible Drinking Fountain ✓*
Braille Printer with PC & Scanner
Copier Accessibility Handle
Flipper / Telesensory Magnifier
Induction Loop System
Lifting Platform
Page Turner
PC with JAWS, EasyDots and BRITE
Accessible Computer
Accessible Table

* MEL users can make use of accessible toilet at the Prince of Wales Hospital; ARL users can make use of accessible toilet and accessible drinking fountain at Lee Shau Kee Architecture Building.


ABBYY FineReader (ALL libraries, except ARL)

ABBYY FineReader provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function, to recognize and convert the scanned words into readable texts.


Accessible Entry (ALL libraries)

All libraries are wheelchair accessible. In Chung Chi College Library and New Asia College Library, special entry can be arranged for wheelchair users. An intercom is available outside these libraries for users to call for assistance. Library staff at the Service Counter will also help wheelchair users to retrieve the book from the stack.


Accessible Lift (ALL libraries, except MEL and ARL)

Accessible Lift provides access to all floors for disabled users in the Library.


Accessible Toilet (UL, CCL, NALUCL and Law Library)

Accessible toilets are available inside the University Library, Chung Chi College Library, New Asia College Library, United College Library and Law Library. Medical Library (MEL) users can make use of accessible toilet at the Prince of Wales Hospital; Architecture Library (ARL) users can make use of accessible toilet at Lee Shau Kee Architecture Building.


Accessible Drinking Fountain (ALL libraries, except ARL*)

Accessible drinking fountains are designed with convenient height to enable wheelchair users to use it with ease.

(* Accessible drinking fountain available at Lee Shau Kee Architecture Building.)


Braille Printer and Scanner (CCL and UCL)

PC connected with printer, Braille printer and scanner for visually impaired users.


Copier Accessibility Handle (ALL libraries)

Copier Accessibility Handle enables wheelchairs users to open and close automatic document feeder of a multi-function printer safely.


EasyDots and BRITE (ALL libraries, except ARL)

EasyDots is a Cantonese Braille input for visually impaired to type Chinese text accurately and efficiently with a computer. BRITE performs two-way instant translation between Braille and regular text for printing in Braille.


Flipper / Telesensory Magnifier (CCL and NAL)

Flipper / Telesensory Magnifier can magnify anything that fits on the viewing table, enables users with low vision to read and write.


Induction Loop System (ALL libraries, except ARL)

Induction loop system is available for people with hearing impairment and is able to amplify sounds for individuals wearing hearing aids.


JAWS (ALL libraries, except ARL)

JAWS provides speech technology that works with Windows operating system to provide access to popular software applications and the Internet.


Lifting Platform (ARL)

Lifting Platform provides access to all floors for wheelchair users in Architecture Library.


Page Turner (CCL, MEL and ARL)

Page Turners for muscular disabilities.


Accessible Computer (ALL libraries, except ARL)

Accessible computer terminals are available for wheelchair users.


Accessible Table (ALL libraries, except ARL)

Accessible Table allows wheelchair users to adjust its height to a comfortable level for use.