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The Library offers a wide variety of workshops and seminars to assist both undergraduate and postgraduate students to maximize life-long learning outcomes, support faculty and researchers in developing information sources management techniques, and facilitate the university community as a whole to engage in scholarly communication activities. These workshops and seminars are held throughout the academic year, and topics range from introducing fundamental library research skills to the use of the latest data management tools. Users may also request workshops on the use of library resources in their subject areas.


Postgraduate, Researcher and Faculty Workshops

Workshops and talks on literature review, strategies for publishing in academic journals, research alert, citation management, researcher identifier creating and research impact showcasing are provided during the academic year. In addition, discussion workshops for postgraduate studies, including successful presentations and thesis writing tips, and the Research Café are also organized.


Request a Seminar

Course instructors and students in groups may request seminars for a particular subject area or a specific assignment at any time during the year. From the planning stage of a course or research project, Liaison Librarians with different subject backgrounds can work with you to strengthen research skills for gathering and managing scholarly information sources.

Please contact Learning Support (for undergraduate training requirements) or Research Services (for postgraduate training requirements) for details.