3D Printed Museum Competition (Faculty of Arts)

Date & Time
2023/10/31 to 2024/01/31

CUHK Library and Research Institute for the Humanities (RIH) of Faculty of Arts is organizing the first 3D Printed Museum Competition and now invites Faculty of Arts students to join as teams for proposals.

Competition theme: Recreating Hong Kong in the 1960s & 1970s

  1. This competition is open to CUHK Faculty of Arts undergraduate and postgraduate students only
  2. Each team should have two to three members
  3. Knowledge of 3D printing and modeling is not required. A technical workshop will be provided to the shortlisted contestants
  4. Each shortlisted team will be given $1,000 credits for 3D printing to produce their exhibits in the University Library’s MakerSpace
  5. Each team must present five 3D printed objects related to the competition theme with at least two objects reproduced on the basis of 3D scanning
  6. Exhibits may be displayed in the University Library following the competition
  7. Prize: The winning team will receive $1,500 book vouchers, while the remaining shortlisted teams will receive $500 book vouchers each.
  8. Deadline of Proposal: 31 January 2024 (extended)

Introduction of the Competition:


Interested Faculty of Arts students should submit a proposal using this template and send to rihs@cuhk.edu.hk by 31 January 2024 (Wed).  First-round results will be announced on 5 February 2024 (Mon).

Enquiries: rihs@cuhk.edu.hk


3D Printing Museum Competition

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