Paperclip Truffle (Joint Display)

Date & Time
2022/09/13 to 2022/09/30

Artists: Wong Kin Man, Cheng Wing Yan and Wong Tsoi Wai, Ella
Date: 13 – 23 September 2022 (Extended to 30 September 2022)
Venue: New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library
Wong Kin Man, born in 1998, is an art student of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She mainly uses everyday objects and installations as her medium of creation, focusing on daily life and her own experiences, trying to explore the relationship between the land and itself through art. Wong likes to make daily observations in the city, to raise concerns and responses to community issues through her works, and to make links and explore relationships with people.
Born in 1999, Cheng Wing Yan is an art student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who mainly uses mixed media and installation as her medium of creation. She is a fan of trolling. She likes to wander around in strange places and go for a walk when she doubts her life. She likes to find what people call “everyday” in the streets as the main axis of her works. Currently, she uses ordinary objects to create her works. Lately, Cheng focuses on the relationship between people, inverting daily experiences into videos that depict the perception and reflection of seeing.
Born in 1999, Ella Wong is an art student at the Hong Kong Baptist University. She mainly uses painting as her medium of creation. Ella Wong is a Meme lover who likes the way people think when they look at Memes. Therefore, she has recently tried to put Meme elements into her paintings.

Paperclip Truffle (Joint Display)

Art Works:
Wong Kin Man
Paperclip Truffle (Joint Display)

Cheng Wing Yan
Paperclip Truffle (Joint Display)

Wong Tsoi Wai, Ella
Paperclip Truffle (Joint Display)

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