“Green” – An art exhibition by Professor Lee Hon Ching

Date & Time
2023/12/11 to 2024/01/02

Date: 11 December 2023 – 2 January 2024
Venue: United College Wu Chung Library
The harmful epidemic spread for a long time and it affected us greatly. Over the past few years, everyone has often worn masks, which made us unable to show our true colors; fewer gatherings and being more isolated. We lost the fun of sharing.
To find ways to overcome the hardship, return to normal life, and purify our soul, we should try to think of new ideas and experience vitality. Do physical activities (sports, arts, etc.), getting close to the nature, green grass, lush forests, which are beneficial to the body and mind. Feel the color of health, the color of vitality, the color of new born. Therefore, Professor Lee Hon Ching used green as the theme of the painting and share with all of you by his artwork.

“Green” – An art exhibition by Professor Lee Hon Ching

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