Digital Scholarship LabUniversity Library[Completed]

Digital Scholarship Lab (Opened in March 2016)

Project Scope

Digital Scholarship Service of CUHK Library is a key initiative in supporting research of University members. In supporting the digital scholarship service, the Digital Scholarship Lab (DS Lab) has been planned since 2014 and was opened in March 2016. Originally the area of Inter-library Loan Office, CUHK Theses and CUHK Repository, the newly created space on the G/F of the University Library aims at providing a cutting-edge facility with advanced equipment and tools to support digital scholarship research.


Project Milestones

  • April 2014: Setting up of Digital Scholarship Working Group (DiSSW) to explore the possibility of providing new digital scholarship service
  • September 2014: Recommendation on a new Digital Scholarship Lab being endorsed
  • July 2015: Launch of Digital Scholarship Service under a new team Research Support & Digital Initiatives
  • December 2015: Start of Digital Scholarship Lab building work
  • March 2016: Opening of the Digital Scholarship Lab

About the Lab

  • Location: G/F, University Library

DS Lab location (G/F)

  • Size: 180m2
  • Seating capacity: 75
  • Building period: Dec 2015 – Mar 2016


Features and Facilities

The DS Lab is divided into 2 rooms: Visualisation Room and Seminar Room. Details can be referred to the Space – Digital Scholarship Lab page.



Tel.: (852) 3943 9954