Launch of a Fully Refreshed Hong Kong Literature Database

02/07/2021 to 31/07/2021

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Hong Kong Literature Database (HKLD).  The search function of the database not only provides basic search, but also includes faceted search and search within results, for more refined searching results.  With the grounding work of our Library on collecting pseudonyms of authors, the new HKLD offers searching of works under different pseudonyms of an author.  Furthermore, users can share search results through email.  Other features include browsing of journals and newspapers, Hong Kong Literature Archive, Hong Kong literature related activities, and more.

The second phase aims at digital scholarship supports.  The Library has collaborated with Hong Kong Literature Research Centre and other libraries to establish the Hong Kong Biographical Database - Writer Profiles (Beta).  This linked data platform displays pseudonyms of authors and related biographical data on person, place, and event through queries and data visualisation.  To encourage the reuse of data from HKLD and to facilitate research needs, datasets and digital scholarship tools will be available to registered users. CUHK users can now access the Beta version via Campus Network or CUHK VPN


Hong Kong Literature Database:

The Hong Kong Biographical Database - Writer Profiles (Beta):
(Access via Campus Network or CUHK VPN only)