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E.g., 11/08/2020
  • 23/07/2014

    3D printing is a process of making a physical model. It helps users to rapidly build prototyping of their design concepts or working models. The Library is organising a 3D printers exhibition. The details read as follows:

    Date: 23 July 2014 (Wednesday)
    Time: 11:30a.m. - 1:00p.m. and 2:30p.m. - 4:30p.m.

    Printer models include:
    3D Systems - ProJet 460Plus
    Arrayz 3D printer
    Fast 3D Printer
    Hong Kong Resin Printer
    ideaPrinter F100
    MakerBot Replicator 2
    MakerBot Replicator 2X
    MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation
    MakerBot Replicator Mini
    Makerbot Replicator Z18
    Stratasys Eden350
    Stratasys uPrint SE
    UP Plus 2 3D Printer
    Wacom product
    WiseMaker 3D Printer


  • 28/03/2014

    Speaker: Dr. Chui Pui-chee (徐沛之博士)
    Date: 28 March 2014 (Friday)
    Time: 3:30 - 5:00p.m.

    Conducted in Cantonese.
    Tel: 3943 8733

    Dialogues in the Arts: Calligraphy and Zeitgeist 藝文縱談: 談書法的情感與時代精神Speaker: Dr. Chui Pui-chee (徐沛之博士) 講者: 徐沛之博士...

  • 14/03/2014

    Chronic Stress causes many physical, cognitive and psychological problems including memory and learning problems, sleep problems, diarrhea and abdominal pain (i.e. functional gastrointestinal disorder), lower immune function (e.g. easier to get cold), high blood pressure and aging.

    In this workshop, we will discuss the Fight & Flight Response and Relaxation Response that is the physically response to stress. We will also learn some relaxation techniques from the Shaolin (少林) tradition, namely, Chanwuyi (禪武醫). For more detail please visit

    Speaker: Professor Chan Sui Yin, Agnes (陳瑞燕教授)
    (Clinical Neuropsychologist, Professor of Department of Psychology & Director of Chanwuyi...

  • 03/03/2014

    The Library arranged with Wiley, a leading publisher of academic journals, to provide a talk for staff and postgraduate students on open access publishing.

    Speaker: Ms Rachel Burley, Vice-President & Director, Open Access, Wiley
    Time: 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    Language: English
    Venue: Open Forum, Learning Garden, LG/F, University Library

    Library Talk: Open Access Publishing 圖書館講座:開放取用出版


  • 28/02/2014

    Speaker: Bonni Chan (陳麗珠)
    Host: Dr Damian Cheng (鄭威鵬博士)
    Date: 28 February 2014 (Friday)
    Time: 3:30 - 5:00p.m.

    Bonni is the Co-Artistic Director of Theatre du Pif. She graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Ballet and went on to study acting at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, winning the Best Actress of the Year award for three consecutive years. After graduating, she joined the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and performed in a number of productions. In 1991 she moved to London to study with various teachers, and in 1992 founded Theatre du Pif with Sean Curran. Since returning to Hong Kong in 1995, she has continued to devise and direct all of Theatre du Pif's original productions. She was voted Best Actress at the Hong Kong Drama Awards for her...

  • 19/02/2014 to 26/03/2014

    1. Work of embalmer

    Speaker: Mr. Pasu Ng (伍桂麟先生)
    Date: 19 February 2014 (Wednesday)
    Time: 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.

    Speaker: Mr. Pasu Ng (伍桂麟先生) 講者: 伍桂麟先生The Colours of Death - Work of embalmer 死亡的況味 - 防腐師!防腐屍?Speaker: Mr. Pasu Ng (伍桂麟先生) 講者: 伍桂麟先生...

  • 17/01/2014

    講者: 淮遠
    主持: 樊善標教授
    日期: 2014年1月17日(星期五)
    時間: 3:30pm-5:00pm

    淮遠: 香港散文家、詩人,《素葉文學》同人,以奇特的黑色風格為本地的文學內行人極力推崇,著有散文集《鸚鵡韆鞦》、《懶鬼出門》、《賭城買糖》、《水鎗扒手》、《蝠女闖關》,詩集《跳虱》。近年更在個人臉書和微博發表作品。


    Conducted in Cantonese.
    Tel: 3943 8733

    藝文縱談: 驢頭怎樣對上馬嘴─從散文的敘事談起 [17.01.2014]...

  • 28/11/2013

    Speaker: Dr. Kan Kit Keung (靳杰強博士)

    Moderator: Prof. Harold Mok (莫家良教授)

    Date: November 28, 2013 (Thursday)

    Time: 11:00am to 1:00pm

    Moderator Prof. Harold Mok (莫家良教授) and speaker Dr. Kan Kit Keung (靳杰強博士) 主持莫家良教授和講者靳杰強博士...

  • 22/11/2013

    We tell stories, and we create lies—intentionally or unintentionally—like in Rashomon, characters appear and use stories to bury the truth. Then, aren't telling stories sinful? The more fascinating the story, the more sinful it is.

    Speaker: Dorothy Tse (謝曉虹)

    Date: November 22, 2013 (Friday)

    Time: 4:00pm to 5:30pm

    Dialogues in the Arts - 8. Evil of Stories 藝文縱談 八. 故事之惡Dialogues in the Arts - 8. Evil of Stories 藝文縱談 八. 故事之惡...

  • 15/11/2013

    The Creative Writing Panel and Discussion is an informal and intimate event which has been designed so that interested students and staff will have the opportunity to listen to short readings of selected published works, learn more about the creative writing process as well as ask questions directly of our expert panel of acclaimed local Creative Writers in English.

    Speakers: Prof. Agnes S. L. LAM , Mr. Nury Vittachi, Ms. XU XI (許素細)

    Date: November 15, 2013 (Friday)

    Time: 4:00pm to 5:30pm

    For more details, please visit Independent Learning Centre website .


  • 29/10/2013 to 12/11/2013

    1. Apple Education Technology Update

    Apple believes in a world in which all learners are empowered to discover their own special genius. Apple provides a personalized learning environment that supports creativity, collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking as a means to transform the way teachers teach and the way students learn.

    Speaker: Apple Education Team
    Date: October 29, 2013 (Tuesday)
    Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm
    Venue: Open Forum, Learning Garden, LG/F University Library

    Apple Education Technology Update Apple教學科技最新資訊...

  • 24/10/2013

    Speaker: Stella Sze (施潔玲)

    Date: October 24, 2013 (Thursday)

    Time: 3:30pm to 5:30pm

    Dialogues in the Arts - 7. Literature and Imagery - Hong Kong Fiction and Its TV Adaptation 藝文縱談 七. 文學與影像 - 香港文學與電視對話Dialogues in the Arts - 7. Literature and Imagery - Hong Kong Fiction and Its TV Adaptation 藝文縱談 七. 文學與影像 - 香港文學與電視對話...

  • 26/09/2013

    Speaker: Yuen Siu Fai (阮兆輝)

    Date: September 26, 2013 (Thursday)

    Time: 4:00pm to 5:30pm

    Dialogues in the Arts - 6. Sixty Years in Cantonese Opera 藝文縱談 六. 虎度揚名六十年──阮兆輝談戲行甘苦與滄桑Dialogues in the Arts - 6. Sixty Years in Cantonese Opera 藝文縱談 六. 虎度揚名六十年──阮兆輝談戲行甘苦與滄桑...

  • 26/09/2013

    Wei-Yun Lin-Górecka was born in 1982 in Taipei, Taiwan. She finished Theatre Studies in Brunel University in London and has been working and living in Poland since 2005. She studied in Comparative Studies in the Faculty of Polish Studies at Jagiellonian University and worked as a Chinese teacher at Jagiellonian University from 2007 to 2012. She writes poetry in Chinese, English, and Polish, and also publishes articles about Polish culture in Taiwanese press. She is the author of the following translations: Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Last Wish and The Sword of Destiny and Bruno Schulz’s The Street of Crocodiles were translated from Polish to Chinese (published in Taiwan). In 2013, she received the Order of Merit in Polish Culture from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the...

  • 19/09/2013 to 10/10/2013

    1. Poetry in Daily Life—Wisława Szymborska, Tadeusz Różewicz, and Wei-Yun Lin-Górecka
    2. Music Score Dedicated to Tekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska—Installation Art by Pawel Gorecki
    Period: From 19th September to 10th October 2013

    Wisława Szymborska Foundation
    Tadeusz Różewicz

    The Power of Words
    University Library System
    Trans-Pacyfik Studio Sp.z.o.o.


  • 12/09/2013

    During the 1989 pro-democracy movement lead by Beijing students, million of Hong Kong citizen participated in demonstration to show their support. Birdy Chu was stunned by the image. Since then, he participated in various demonstrations, and record the city's social movement with his camera. Birdy will share with fellow readers his experience and how his think about documentary photograph.

    Speaker: Birdy Chu (朱迅)

    Date: September 12, 2013 (Thursday)

    Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm


  • 02/09/2013 to 23/09/2013

    A selection of Birdy Chu’s photo journal of Hong Kong social movements in the past decade taken from his newly published book I Walk Therefore I Shoot.

    Photo Exhibition Period: 2/9–23/9/2013

    Title Publisher Publication Date 一人一故事 : 新聞人的心聲細語 香港 : 天地圖書有限公司 2010 片刻永恆 : 時代給我們留下的印記 香港 : 青源出版社 2011 我行我攝 : 香港遊行紀錄 香港 : Kubrick 2013 近照香港 : 定格路人甲乙丙丁 香港 : 香港文化硏究計劃 2001 推土機前種花 香港 : MCCM Creations 2011...
  • 05/04/2013

    Speaker: Dung Kai Cheung
    Date: 5 April 2013
    Time: 4:00pm to 5:30pm

    Dialogues in the Arts - 3. From Very Short to Very Long: the Capacity of Novels 藝文縱談三 . 從極短到極長——小說世界的小與大

    Speaker: Mr. Dung Kai Cheung 講者:董啟章先生...

  • 08/03/2013

    Speaker: Liao Weitang
    Date: 8 March 2013
    Time: 4:00pm to 5:30pm

    Dialogues in the Arts - 2. Words Bring into Presence: Impressions from Interviews with Hong Kong Writers 藝文縱談 二. 見字如晤——香港作家訪談印象

    Speaker: Mr. Liao Weitang 講者:廖偉棠先生...

  • 28/02/2013

    Date: 28 Feb 2013
    Time: 12:30pm to 1:15pm

    10 finalists competing with each other in the final competition to win grand prizes including a Fujitsu notebook computer and iPads.


    eResources Week 2013 - Final Competition 電子資源週 2013 - 問答比賽總決賽

    Online Quiz Final Competition is about to begin 比賽即將開始...