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E.g., 18/06/2021
  • 28/10/2016 to 10/11/2016

    Do you want to build your presentation skills and capture your audience’s interest in your research topic?

    The Library is pleased to arrange a presentation skills discussion workshop to be held at the Idea Exchange for research postgraduate students. The workshop aims to raise participants' awareness of the preparation process of an informative presentation.

    It will cover topics such as audience analysis, building speaker confidence, organizational patterns for informative speeches, quality visual aids, and question-and-answer skills. Participants will have the opportunities to share their own research interests with the audience.

    Date : 10 Nov 2016 (Thu)
    Time : 2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

    Instructor : Mr. Eddy Li, Part-time Instructor, English...

  • 25/10/2016 to 09/01/2017

    We are pleased to announce that the "International Symposium on Chinese in the Maritime Silk Road" will be held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong on April 7-8, 2017 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Chinese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Symposium is jointly organized by the T. T. Ng Chinese Language Research Centre, Institute of Chinese Studies and the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and co-organized by the Global China Research Programme and The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library.

    We invite abstracts for submission on studies of phonology, lexicology, grammar, language acquisition, sociolinguistics, and language and culture of Chinese spoken in the countries and areas along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road...

  • 24/10/2016 to 08/11/2016

    Organised by
    Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


    Exhibition of Chung Chi College Art Collection


    Photo Gallery (Exhibits in Chung Chi College Library)

    Exhibition of Chung Chi College Art Collection...

  • 20/10/2016 to 22/11/2016

    Do you want to capture your readers’ interest in the research topic of your thesis and communicate its significance and key ideas effectively?

    Co-organized with The Independent Learning Centre (ILC), the Library is pleased to offer discussion workshops for research postgraduate students on thesis writing (in Chinese) , thesis introduction (in English) and thesis abstract (in English) in Nov 2016.

    Intensive and Profound: Chinese Thesis Writing Skills

    9 Nov 2016 (Wed) 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    If the thesis is not written and formulated in the right way, its key ideas will not be able to be communicated effectively. In this workshop, you will study the good language features of a thesis written in Chinese and learn how to avoid the...

  • 18/10/2016 to 25/10/2016
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    Open Access Day (24 Oct 2016)

    The Open Access Day is to share with the University community the benefits of opening up research. Themed as “ Open in Action – Enhancing Research Impact @CUHK AIMS ”, the event is tied in with the International Open Access Week to highlight the needs of taking action now to open up research through the new Academic Information Management System (AIMS) and the institutional repository Research Portal. This new system provides a new avenue for the dissemination of research......

  • 17/10/2016 to 28/10/2016

    Date: October 17-28, 2016
    Venue: New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library
    Artist Statement:
    WONG Tsz-chun Tom was born in 1995, now studying in the Fine Arts Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. WONG Tsz-chun Tom explore with both Chinese and Western media, he is now focusing on Chinese Delineative Painting (GongBi), trying to mingle the Chinese ink painting with installation and mixed media, considering the relationship between painting and three-dimensional space. Representing the ink painting in three-dimensional form to extend the possibilities in ink painting.

  • 14/10/2016 to 30/11/2016

    The Library is pleased to arrange a series of AIMS and Research Portal workshops for researchers and postgraduate students. CUHK researchers and staff are all welcome to join the workshops. Interested postgraduate students are also welcome to attend.

    Managing your Research Output in AIMS

    AIMS is the new Academic Information Management System of CUHK. This workshop aims at demonstrating to you:

    What is AIMS and its public interface Research Portal The easy way to use AIMS for managing your research outputs Significant features of Research Portal

    20 Oct (Thu) 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
    25 Oct (Tue) 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
    22 Nov (Tue) 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Click...

  • 12/10/2016 to 30/04/2017

    With effect from October 12, 2016, the laser discs of the Music collection have been relocated from the United College Wu Chung Multimedia Library to the Chung Chi College Elizabeth Luce Moore Library. The holding information is now available on the library catalogue .

    Relocation of Music LDs...

  • 07/10/2016 to 14/11/2016

    Do you want your research papers to be published in quality academic journals? The following three talks organized by the Library are to provide researchers and postgraduate students information and tips on writing and publishing with international journals. The Library is pleased to invite IEEE, Taylor & Francis and Springer Nature, three of the world’s leading publishers of academic journals, to conduct these talks. CUHK researchers and postgraduate students are all welcome to join .

    1. Quality Publishing with IEEE

    Date: 13 Oct 2016 (Thu)
    Time: 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.


    How to select an appropriate IEEE periodical or conference How to organize your manuscript Working through peer review Tips on avoiding...
  • 03/10/2016 to 14/10/2016

    Date: October 3 -14, 2016
    Venue: New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library
    Artist Statment:
    "Double Solo Exhibition" -- Joint Exhibition of Tsang Sui Yiu and Wong Yuk Shan


  • 29/09/2016 to 28/10/2016

    Established in December 2015, CUHK University Archives serves as the repository for the records of historical value for the University. It is set up to systematically collect, organize and preserve university documents that have enduring value. The new webpage ( ) provides information about the University Archives.

  • 23/09/2016 to 30/10/2016

    We are delighted to announce that CUHK Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) Collection is now accessible at the newly launched CUHK Digital Repository .

    On this new platform, about 2,500 volumes of doctoral dissertations that were previously available in microfiches were added to make the Collection a complete set of theses and dissertations produced by our research postgraduate community. In addition, users are able to browse and search in this Collection by author, degree, department/division and year, or across all collections in the Repository. We believe this will enhance your online experience.

  • 15/09/2016 to 31/10/2016

    Co-organized by the Hong Kong Literature Research Centre (HKLRC) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library, the exhibition Looking Back at the Meandering Waters: Hong Kong in the Eyes of Xiao Si will be held from September 5 to October 31, 2016.

    HKLRC started an oral history project namely “Hong Kong in the Eyes of Literati” in 2014 and the first interview was with Xiao Si (Prof. Lo Wai-luen). The autobiographical interview covers her insights on research, education and literary creation. Looking Back at the Meandering Waters refers to the well-known calligrapher Wang Xizhi’ (王羲之) who composed the preface Lantingji Xu (蘭亭集序) for the poetry collection in view of the ever-changing life and backward-looking generations. The exhibition echoes with the retrospective spirit...

  • 15/09/2016 to 16/09/2016

    University Library

    15 September 2016 8:20 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 16 September 2016 Closed Learning Garden Open 24/7 during semesters for CUHK staff and students only

    Chung Chi Library

    15 September 2016 8:20 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 16 September 2016 Closed

    New Asia Library

    15 September 2016 8:20 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 16 September 2016 Closed

    United College Library

    15 September 2016 8:20 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 16 September 2016 Closed

    Law Library

    15 September 2016 8:20 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 16 September 2016 Closed Legal Resources Centre 15 September 2016 8:45 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. 16 September 2016 Closed

    Architecture Library

    Open 24/7 for School of Architecture staff and students only Staffed services 15 September 2016 11:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 16 September 2016 No...
  • 05/09/2016 to 15/09/2016

    Date: September 5 - 15, 2016
    Venue: New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library
    Artist Statement:
    Ho Hang Yi, graduated as Fine Arts Bachelor in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2015, born in Mainland China in 1990, moved to Hong Kong when she was eight. Spent most of her childhood in a rural area, contrasting with the highly capitalized and civilized city, the transformation detached wholeness of her living experiences. Her works focus on the diaspora and fragmented feeling towards the context and environments she lives in. Reconstructing the landscape, her paintings show the complex feelings of living space. Through creations of art, she tries to express the feeling of hatred, love, anxiety, familiarization and uncertainty toward Hong Kong and...

  • 01/09/2016 to 31/10/2016

    Featured Display


    September - October 2016


  • 01/09/2016 to 11/11/2016

    To promote and raise the awareness of digital scholarship and digital humanities research at CUHK, seminars are organized for academics, researchers and postgraduate students:

    Introducing Digital Scholarship Lab Facilities

    This briefing session will demonstrate the use of equipment and facilities in the Digital Scholarship Lab and to introduce the software and tools available from the workstations to enable you to conduct research at the Lab at ease.

    12 Sep (Mon) 2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Click here to register
    21 Sep (Wed) 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon Click here...

  • 01/09/2016 to 31/10/2016

    New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library will exhibit one major modern Chinese author every two months. A brief biography together with select critical editions of their major works will be displayed. The author displayed in September and October is Xu Chi. For enquiry, please contact us at 3943-7655.

    Author: Xu Chi
    Date: 1 September - 31 October, 2016
    Venue: 1/F, New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library
    Author Web Page:


  • 26/08/2016 to 01/10/2016

    Over the summer, the CUHK Library has stepped up the effort in enhancing the self-service experience provided to library users by making use of the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. At the University Library and the Chung Chi College Elisabeth Luce Moore Library, we offer intuitive self-service facilities to allow for a much faster and more efficient way of borrowing and returning books. Not only does it mean less queueing, but it also frees up library staff time from routine transactions to answering queries from users and providing help where it is most needed.

    The University Library The Chung Chi College Elisabeth Luce Moore Library


  • 22/08/2016 to 31/12/2016

    To encourage and support paperless reading in mobile environment, United College Multimedia Library launched the Kindle E-book Reader Lending Service on 22 nd August 2016. It provides 44 Kindle e-books of Philosophy and the General Education Collection. All CUHK Library borrower card holders can borrow the Kindle from the United College Multimedia Library for 7 days.

    For more details, please refer to...