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Undergraduate Workshops

“Your Library - The Basics” Series

  • LibrarySearch Basics: A Search Engine for Your Assignments and Research
  • Finding Library’s E-Resources for Your Assignments and Research

Sharpen Your Information Research Skills Series

  • Search Strategies for Articles, Books, E-Books and more for Your Studies and Research
  • Newspapers: Finding Historical and Up-To-Date News
  • Chinese Databases: Searching Materials Published in Chinese

E-Resources Series

  • SciFinder
  • CNKI 中國知網

Searching Skills Series

  • LibrarySearch: A Search Engine for Your Assignments and Research
  • Search Strategies for Articles, Books and E-News for Your Studies and Research
  • Finding Information about Hong Kong

Academic Honesty Series

  • Demonstrating Academic Honesty in University Writing Assignments

Assignment Season Series

  • Develop an Effective Search Strategy for Your Assignment
  • Finding Academic Sources to Support Your Arguments
  • Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism -- The Basics
  • Acknowledging the Sources – RefWorks Hands-on Experience
  • Managing Reference Citations with EndNote
  • Literature Review for a Successful Paper

Job Hunting & Further Studies Series

  • All You Need to Know about Preparation for Further Studies – From Searching for Information to Writing Personal Statements
  • All You Need to Know about Job Hunting - From Searching for Information to Composing CVs & Attending Interviews

“MakerSpace - The Basics” Series

  • Introduction to the Creative Media Studio : Video Recording in a Simple Way
  • Introduction to Digital Fabrication : 3D Printing, Laser Cutting and UV Printing

Maker Skills Series

  • Introduction to 3D Printing by using Tinkercad
  • Introduction to iMovie
  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator for Laser Cutting Machine


Postgraduate, Researcher and Faculty Workshops

Postgrudate Survival Skills Workshops

  • Sharpening Your Research Skills
    • Exploring Research Information in Multi-disciplinary Databases
    • Exploring Research Information in Citation Database - Scopus
    • Exploring Research Information in Citation Database - Web of Science
    • Literature Review for a Good Research Paper (Recording)
    • Finding Theses and Dissertations in Your Research Area
  • Managing Citations for Your Research
    • Managing References Citations with EndNote 20
    • Acknowledging the Sources – RefWorks Hands-on Experience
  • Thesis Writing Tips
    • Structuring a Thesis Introduction: How to Get Readers Hooked at the Beginning
    • Writing an Abstract for Your Thesis: How to Summarize Your Research in 500 words
    • Intensive and Profound: Chinese Thesis Writing Skills
  • Winning Academic Presentation Skills
    • Presentation Skills for Postgraduate Students
      Invited speaker: Dr. Paula Hodgson
    • Poster Design and Presentation for Postgraduate Students
      Invited speaker: Dr. Paula Hodgson
    • Fluent and Successful: Oral Presentation Skills in Chinese
  • Publishing Your Research Workshops
    • Constructing Your Research Paper Around an Argument: A Gateway to Publication
      Invited speaker: Paul Nerney
    • Salient Features of (Publishable) Academic English
      Invited speaker: Paul Nerney
    • Towards Publication: Revising an Introduction of a Research Paper
      Invited speaker: Susan Lopez-Nerney
  • Designing a Successful Oral Defence
    Invited speaker: Dr. Maria Luisa C. Sadorra
  • Successful Writing in the Life Sciences: Designing Effective Figures and Tables
    Invited speaker: Dr. Sarah E. Webb
  • Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers
    Invited speaker: Dr. Sarah E. Webb

Researcher Workshops

  • How to Measure Impact of Research Papers (Recording)
  • Citation Analysis Tools for Ranking Journals (Recording)
  • Understanding Open Access Publishing (Recording)
  • Read & Publish Author Training by Cambridge University Press 
    Invited speaker: Caroline Kerbyson, Training Manager, Cambridge University Press (Recording)
  • Publish & Read Onboarding Session by Karger Publishers
    Invited speakers: Karger Editorial Staff and Tony O'Rourke, Vice-President of ENAGO (Recording)
  • Using ORCID to connect your research activities (Recording)
  • Author Identifier: Making yourself distinguishable (Recording)
  • Open Access Publishing with Cambridge University Press (CUP): Humanities and Social Sciences Journals
    Invited speaker: Joe Ng, Acquisitions editor, CUP (Recording)
  • Open Access Publishing with PLOS Journals
    Invited speaker: Sara Rouhi, Director, Strategic Partnerships, PLOS
  • Using ATLAS.ti for Qualitative Data Analysis

Digital Scholarship and Research Data Workshops

  • Mastering Data Management Plan in One Hour (Recording)
  • Introduction to GIS & ArcGIS
    Invited speaker: Representative from Esri China (Hong Kong) Ltd.
  • Introducing Digital Humanities for Study and Research (Recording)
  • A Quick Glance of Online Text Analysing Tools
  • Visualising Network Relationships with Gephi
  • Research Data in the Big Data Era
  • Introduction to R Programming and Data Analysis (Hands-on) (Recording)
    Invited speaker: Prof. Liang Hai, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK
  • Understanding Research Data Management
  • Writing Data Management Plans with DMPTool (Recording)
  • Introduction to ArcGIS and QGIS for Digital Scholarship Projects
  • Basics of Data Mining with Weka (Hands-on)
  • Introduction to R for Statistical Analysis (Recording)
    Invited speaker: Prof. Michael Chan, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK
  • Introduction to Python for Data Analysis (Recording)
    Invited Speaker: Dr. LO Man Fung Kelvin, Lecturer, BSSc Programme in Data Science and Policy Studies, CUHK

Workshops on AIMS and Research Portal

  • Research Output Management with AIMS

NVivo Workshop

  • NVivo: A Powerful Tool to Address Your Research Questions
  • NVivo: Strategies to Advance Qualitative Data Analysis

Improving Postgraduate Learning (IPL) Courses offered by Library (Organized by Graduate School and CLEAR)

  • Discover Research Information at Your Discipline
    • Group 1: Arts
    • Group 2: Business Administration
    • Group 3: Education
    • Group 4: Engineering
    • Group 5: Medicine
    • Group 6: Science
    • Group 7: Social Science
    • Group 8: Law
    • Group 9: Chinese Law 
  • Managing and Creating Reference Citations with Reference Managing Tools 
    • Managing and Creating Reference Citations with EndNote
    • Managing and Creating Reference Citations with RefWorks
  • Research Data Management for Your Discipline
    • Research Data Management for Arts and Education
    • Research Data Management for Medicine
    • Research Data Management for Engineering
    • Research Data Management for Science
    • Research Data Management for Business, Law, Social Science, and Inter-faculty
    • Research Data Management for Multi-disciplines
  • Observing Intellectual Property and Copyright Law during Research