Data Management Plan


A Data Management Plan is a document that describes how data are to be handled both during a research project and after completion of the project. In this web page you will learn about:


What is Data Management Plan?

Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document in which researchers plan the details of data management throughout the research life cycle. It is usually prepared at the proposal stage by the principal investigators and the research team and forms a part of the research proposal. Some funding agencies now require a DMP to be submitted along with research proposals.  

With a DMP, the research team plans ahead for human resources and financial support. Time is also saved during the later stage of the research project. Data could also be better managed according to the FAIR data principle: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reuseable.

A DMP usually covers:FAIR data principle

  • data collection
  • documentation and metadata
  • ethics and legal compliance
  • storage, preservation and archive
  • data sharing
  • responsibilities and resources


Data Management Plan Tool

To support CUHK researchers to create Data Management Plans, the Library has developed DMP service using DMPTool, a free, open source online application supported by University of California Curation Center. CUHK staff and students can sign into the platform with the institutional login using the CUHK OnePass credentials and create DMPs using templates from funders and institutions. Furthermore, researchers can refer to the requirements and guidance of funders, more details are available on the Library Guide. 


The video "Data Management Plan in 5 Minutes: Writing Data Management Plans with DMPTool" introduces the rationale of having a DMP and how to create DMPs with the DMPTool.


Self-help Guide

The CUHK Library has created a Library Guide on Data Management Plan. It discusses:

  • what DMP is and its content
  • the rationale of writing a DMP
  • the resources on DMP
  • the steps on creating DMPs with DMPTool



On-site and online workshop on DMP are also available:

  • Mastering Data Management Plan in One Hour (Fall 2020) [Recording]
  • Writing Data Management Plans with DMPTool (Spring 2021) [Recording]