Holds & Recalls

Holds & Recalls 預約及催還

Holds and recalls allow users to request items that are currently checked out to other users.

How to place a hold

You may place holds via LibrarySearch anytime. A Hold Pickup email notice will be sent to you when your hold becomes available. The item on hold has to be collected in 7 days, or it will be cancelled automatically after that. You will receive a Hold Cancellation notice if the requests cannot be filled e.g. items need to be put on reserve, items not found on shelf, etc.

Where to pick up items on hold?

A Hold Pickup Notice will be sent to you once a hold arrives. If you are picking up CUHK items at the University Library or CUHK books at Chung Chi Library, please go directly to the self-service hold pickup shelves and borrow the items using self-service borrow machine. To pick up all other items, including HKALL items, AV materials and accompanying materials at other branches of CUHK Library, please visit the respective library service counter.

What is a recall?

A recall is a request to get an item back from another borrower as soon as possible. The hold service may lead to a recall of the checked out items and may shorten their due date, i.e. 14 days from the date of recall. The new due date will be shown in users’ Library Record at LibrarySearch and in the Recall Notice sent to the users via email. Items being requested by other user(s) cannot be renewed.

How should I respond to a recall?

If you receive a Recall Notice, you should observe the new due date mentioned in the Recall Notice. Late return of recalled CUHK items will incur a fine at $5/item/day, whereas late return of recalled HKALL items will incur a fine at $4/item/day. Users are strongly advised not to take borrowed items outside Hong Kong. Please note once a recalled item is overdue all items under a user’s account will not be able to be renewed until the recalled item is returned.

To ensure receiving important notices from the Library without delay, users must add/update their email address via their My Library Record in the Library homepage.

Number of holds

Category Number of Holds
Undergraduate students 10
Postgraduate students 20
Teaching staff (Terms A) 20
Teaching staff (Terms B) 20
Research staff 20
Administrative staff (Terms A) 20
Honorary Clinical Lecturer 20
Emeritus professors 20
General non-teaching staff (Terms B) 10
Staff members of Terms C 10