We professional librarians in the CUHK Library believe we have a duty to encourage reading beyond the reading-lists within the campus community. Even though modern libraries are full of computers and online information, we are still passionate about reading. After all, the word “librarian” comes from the Latin “liber”, meaning “book”. We feel that there are many books in the Chinese and the English languages that you might not know about, or that you might have heard about but have never actually read. The books suggested for display include both fiction and non-fiction, new releases and old favorites, and those in receipt of major awards or prizes. They are at various intellectual levels and are not confined to any one genre.

You may like some of our suggestions dislike some others. This is, of course, the whole point of the sheer joy of reading – to make up your own mind about whether a particular book is the very stuff you’ve been wanting to read all your life which may even change your life, or just is ‘good’ for nothing. So this lucky-dip of our own “good-reads” is offered as a small gift from us to the University community. We hope that you will enjoy many of them and that they will lead you down many more paths of exploration in reading. If you want to suggest your favorite book, you are welcome to fill in the Suggestion Form for Good Reads.

Stop by the Good Reads Corner to check out your favorites!