A-Z of Special Collections

A-Z of Special Collections

The following special and archival collections are listed in alphabetical order.

Archive of Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture

Contains all the documents and files donated by the Christian Study Centre on Chinese religion and culture.

Bonnie S. McDougall collection on Bei Dao

Consists chiefly of materials assembled or written by Bonnie S. McDougall in the course of translating and publishing works by Bei Dao and other contemporary Chinese writers.

Chinese Medicine Texts Collection

A collection of 2,485 volumes on ancient Chinese Medicine, including 61 titles (182 volumes) of rare books published around the age of the Ming and early Qing Dynasty and 330 titles (1,049 volumes) from the mid-Qing Dynasty to Minguo.

Chinese Overseas Collection

A collection of books and journals on various subject areas regarding the research of Chinese overseas. 

Chinese Women and Hong Kong Christianity: An Oral History Archive

An oral history project of 22 Chinese Christian women of age above 65.

CUHK Theses & Dissertations

A collection of master’s theses and doctoral dissertations by the graduate students of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  

Cultural Revolution Collection

A collection contains various materials related to and are published in the period of Cultural Revolution (1966-1976).

Daoist Texts Collection

A collection of of more than twenty Daoist texts of the Qing Dynasty.

David Hawkes papers

Consists of donated materials chiefly prepared and collected by David Hawkes on Chinese literature and the study of religion. Also covers biographical materials on David Hawkes.

Gao Xingjian Repository

A collection of various materials on and by Gao Xingjian, 2000 Nobel Prize laureate in Literature.

Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee (HKCIC) records

Consists of records created by HKCIC in its daily operation, industrial mission in Hong Kong and participation in social activities in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Hong Kong Government Documents

A collection of publications issued by various departments and committees of the Hong Kong SAR Government.

Hong Kong Studies

A collection contains materials covering a wide range of areas and topics related to Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong Literature Collection

A collection of books and journals as well as other materials on Hong Kong Literature.

Hong Kong Visual Arts Archive

An online database on Hong Kong visual arts and artists materials for teaching and research purposes.

Maurice and Judith Freeman papers

Chiefly consists of materials written and collected by Maurice Freedman and Judith Freedman on Southeast Asian and Jewish studies.

Minguo Collection

A collection of books and journals published in China between 1912 and 1949 (Minguo / Republican Period). All subjects are covered.

Modern Chinese Drama Collection

A collection of modern Chinese drama published in 1930s and 1940s. Consists of some first and out-of-printed edition and valuable translated works.

Oracle Bones

A collection of 56 pieces of rare oracle bones donated to the United College and are now kept at the University Library.  The largest collection of its kind in Hong Kong.

Rare Books

This collection consists of two parts. The Chinese rare book collection contains around 900 titles of stitch-bound book printed between the Yuan dynasty (1260-1368) to the end of the reign of Qianlong (1795) of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). Western rare book collection contains mainly western language books published before 1900.

Rulan Chao Pian Collection

A collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, photos, teaching materials, note and audio-visual materials, etc. donated by Professor Rulan Chao Pian (1922-2013).

陳秉昌書信文件 (Chinese only; In Process)


陳荊鴻立軸和照片 (Chinese only; In Process)


方寬烈書信文件 (Chinese only; In Process)


古兆申書信文件 (Chinese only)


何慧姚剪報資料 (Chinese only; In Process)


胡菊人手稿 (Chinese only; In Process)


黃奇智書信文件 (Chinese only; In Process) 


靳杰強書畫 (Chinese only; In Process)


黎鍵書信文件 (Chinese only)


李洛霞手稿 (Chinese only; In Process)


李鴻烈照片和學生證 (Chinese only; In Process)


劉以鬯書信文件 (Chinese only)


盧瑋鑾書信文件 (Chinese only; In Process)


盧秀東書信文件 (Chinese only)


盧昭靈書信文件 (Chinese only)


羅琅書信文件 (Chinese only)


羅叔重書信文件 (Chinese only; In Process)


馬臨書信文件 (處理中)


潘新安書信文件 (Chinese only; In Process)


潘正英書信文件 (Chinese only; In Process)


錢穆手稿 (Chinese only)


舒巷城手稿 (Chinese only; In Process)


吳培榮手稿 (Chinese only; In Process)


香山亞黃漫畫、手稿及其他資料 (Chinese only)


許迪鏘書信文件 (Chinese only)


薛覺先粵劇劇刊及電影戲橋 (Chinese only)


薛興國書信文件 (Chinese only)


楊舜文手稿 (Chinese only; In Process)


尹懷文書信文件 (Chinese only)


余光中書信文件 (Chinese only)


張灼祥手稿及剪報資料 (Chinese only; In Process)


翟暖暉書信文件 (Chinese only; In Process)


周懷璋書信文件 (Chinese only; In Process)