Request a Book


You can initiate your search in HKALL by using one of the following methods:

  • Limit the searching scope to "HKALL" on LibrarySearch;
  • Visit directly to the Homepage of HKALL to initiate searching.

Make a request

  1. Search via the CUHK LibrarySearch;
  2. If you initiate your search using the searching scope "CUHK", you may click "THis item in HKALL" under "Links" when the item is not available in CUHK Library;
  3. You can only see the request options after authentication through CUHK Login. Click on "HKALL Request" to request your desired item;
    If you cannot see the HKALL Request" option, it might be because:
    - Your HKALL hold/loan quota is exhausted;
    - The item is not requestable through HKALL;
  4. Specify the volume number (if applicable), select your pickup location and submit your request;
  5. HKALL will direct your request to a lending library after your submission. Your request will be sent to another library in line automatically if the initial library is not able to fulfill your request.