The Practice of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Classic Chinese Literature Digitization using GujiCool Platform

Date & Time
2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

“Chinese Classic Text Mining and Processing” Series

Xian Chao, Director, Office of Sutra Collection of Long Quan Temple, Beijing
Ms. Zhang Jing, General Manager, Ji Zhida Digital Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing

Venue: Online via Zoom
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Classic Chinese Literatures are the precious cultural heritages spread in the continuous development of Chinese nation and human civilization.

In this digital era, the GujiCool Intelligent platform ( is aimed to facilitate the spread, protection, development of the cultural heritage of Classic Chinese Literatures using a digital approach, so that we can explore Classic Chinese Literature from new angles and higher dimensions.

Nowadays, this approach become more and more fruitful with the help of AI technology, we can witness the human-machine cooperation, integration and synergy in many aspects of research and utilization of Classic Chinese Literatures.

This talk consists of five agendas:

  1. Background of the GujiCool Platform’s research and development.
  2. Introduction on the GujiCool System functionalities.
  3. GujiCool System Performance and user’s guide.
  4. Case Study and Analysis.
  5. Online workshop and discussion.

We will cover the four core functionalities of GujiCool Platform in details:

  • Text recognition and extraction, includes the OCR module for Classic Chinese Literature.
  • Text processing, includes the automatic punctuation and translation module
  • Text creation, includes the text generation AIGC module.
  • Platform Interfaces, includes Web UI and Open API interfaces provided by GujiCool platform.


In order to assist people to fulfil the digitalization of Classic Chinese Literature, we try to cover the main tasks required in the complete lifecycle of digitalization of Classic Chinese Literatures, hope it can help us to achieve better protection and utilization of ancient books and documents.

Let’s make use of Computer and AI technology to deeply explore our precious cultural treasures and revive the unique charm of the ancient Chinese culture in the new era together.

About the speakers:

Xian Chao was graduated in Physics for his UG and Master studies from Beijing University.  He is currently the Director of the Office of Sutra Collection of Long Quan Temple, Haidian District, Beijing and Consultant of Buddhist Digital Library, National Taiwan University.  His research interests include Chinese Buddhist Canon, Thoughts of Buddhism Vinaya School, OCR Text Extraction technology from ancient Chinese books, and AIML technology in Automatic punctuation and Text Alignment.
Ms. Zhang Jing, graduated from Central University For Nationalities, currently works as General Manager in Ji Zhida Digital Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing.



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