“Chinese Classic Text Mining and Processing” Workshops (Mar-Apr 2023)

Date & Time
2023/03/23 to 2023/04/21

The Library has organized workshops on 3 platforms on OCR Chinese classics materials and text processing. Welcome CUHK community to learn getting and processing textual materials from Chinese classics in a more effective and efficient way to facilitate research and study.

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The Practice of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Classic Chinese Literature Digitization using GujiCool (古籍酷) Platform

Xian Chao, Director, Office of Sutra Collection of Long Quan Temple, Beijing
Ms. Zhang Jing, General Manager, Ji Zhida Digital Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing


Classic Chinese Literatures are the precious cultural heritages spread in the continuous development of Chinese nation and human civilization.

In this digital era, the GujiCool Intelligent platform (https://ocr.gj.cool) is aimed to facilitate the spread, protection, development of the cultural heritage of Classic Chinese Literatures using a digital approach, so that we can explore Classic Chinese Literature from new angles and higher dimensions.

Nowadays, this approach become more and more fruitful with the help of AI technology, we can witness the human-machine cooperation, integration and synergy in many aspects of research and utilization of Classic Chinese Literatures.

Full details of the workshop content can be found in event page.

23 Mar 2023 (Thu)
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(Workshop information in Chinese only)講者:
王祥安博士  台灣中央研究院數位文化中心技術長、歷史語言研究所研究助技師
黃翰隆先生  台灣中央研究院數位文化中心專案經理

這個工作坊將介紹「中央研究院文字辨識與校對系統」 (https://ocr.ascdc.tw) 之功能及操作方式。此系統是由中研院數位文化中心運用影像處理與深度學習技術所研發,其中包含了圖像處理、文本版式偵測、文字位置偵測、文字辨識、文本語意預測及依使用者反饋自動修正等核心技術,並透過網頁與資料庫技術來整合這些核心技術,以提供線上服務。


13 Apr 2023 (Thu)
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Text and data mining premodern Chinese texts with ctext.org

Speaker :
Dr. Donald Sturgeon
Creator and administrator of the Chinese Text Project (https://ctext.org)
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Durham University


This hands-on workshop introduces participants to complete text and data mining workflows for materials written in classical Chinese, from digital transcription and annotation of premodern works through to computer-assisted extraction of data from their contents. It consists of four parts:

  1. Getting started using the Chinese Text Project (https://ctext.org)
  2. Interactive text mining
  3. Semantic annotation
  4. Interactive data mining

This workshop does not assume any prior background in digital methods, and requires only a computer with a web browser. Participants are encouraged to create a free account on ctext.org prior to the workshop: https://ctext.org/account.pl and bring own device for hands-on practice.

Full details of the workshop can be found in event page.

21 Apr 2023 (Fri)
Digital Scholarship Lab, G/F, University Library Register

Enquiries: Please email to dslab@lib.cuhk.edu.hk

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