Visitors to the Library

Our primary aim is to support students and staff of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in all areas of their study and research but we are also happy to provide access to visitors. All visitors should report to the library help desk on entering the Library.

Visitors with Research Needs

Individuals who have research needs but are not currently members of the CUHK community may apply for the use of the Library with charges. Please refer to the webpage on Fee-based Library Membership for details. Please note that due to restriction of space, we cannot grant access to the CUHK Library to those only looking for a quiet place to study.

Guided Tour for Group Visitors

All group visits and guided tours have to make an application at least one week in advance. All applications shall be sent by email to Guided tours for local secondary school students will only be arranged during term breaks and summers (from June to August every year) and students have to be at form 4 or above. The tours will normally be conducted in Cantonese unless English or Mandarin is requested.

One-time Visits

One-time visits are allowed after signing in at the library Help Desk near the entrance by providing name and contact phone number of the visitor. The Library reserves the right to refuse admission.


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