MFPs are available in every CUHK Library for printing, photocopying and scanning services. They can be printed not only from Library’s Public PCs and iMacs, but also from your own device including:

Window-based notebook (32-bit / 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8), Mac OS device (MacOS 10.4 or above ) as well as iOS/Android device (iOS 5.0 or above or Android version 2.2 or above) via Wi-Fi printing drivers/settings. For help with Wi-Fi Printing, please see Wi-Fi printing service.

Multi-function photocopiers (MFP) 多功能影印機(MFP)

Printing to Multi-Function Photocopiers (MFP)

  1. Octopus Charging System for PCs (Online Guide)/(Video)
    Printing to MFP 列印至多功能影印機
  2. Octopus Charging System for iMacs (Online Guide)
    Several iMacs are available in the LG/F Learning Garden.
    Printing to Multi-Function Photocopiers iMac 列印至多功能影印機

Charges for Printout